Samsung B2230


A gamer friendly monitor from Samsung

Even if it was seen firstly on March 30, 2010, Samsung B2230 is still one of the most interesting gamer-friendly monitors ever. Even though this model hasn’t benefit of lots of ads on TV, a lot of test review maniacs I know say that this monitor is one of the best LCD monitors that ever appeared on the market.

Great look and ergonomics

samsung-syncmaster-B2230However, when I first received it, I thought that they sent the wrong product: it was too glossy and shiny to cost just $146.99 (on Amazon), therefore they must have sent some other monitor. Though, there was no mistake: SyncMaster B2230 has an amazing aspect with perfect ergonomics. Moreover, edges are round and the lower and higher extremities are somehow more concave than its predecessors; cause after all, Samsung SyncMaster B2230 is the upgraded version of the Samsung B2233SW.

Without HDMI port

Unfortunately, even though SyncMaster B2230 is supposed to be a full HD monitor, no HDMI jack can be found on the monitor, fact that means that the image can not be output to a TV. Probably, that’s because Samsung wanted for this monitor a low price, and a HDMI jack would have meant increased costs, therefore a higher retail price.

As for its performance, Samsung B2230 runs just perfect in the standard mode. Even though it is one of biggest monitors from the Samsung B223 series (22 inches on diagonal), the image runs perfectly at 720p. However, nothing impressive. After all, it’s supposed to work this way, right? And LCD monitors are known to offer a very high quality.

Impressive Power Saver mode

Still, one thing I’ve been impressed of is the Power Saver mode. Samsung B2230 consumes about 18 watts per hour; as well, if its used on applications like network games or high resource eater software apps like Photoshop, the monitor consumes no more than 37 watts per hour. If you ask me, SyncMaster B2230 has a very low energy consumption, especially if we keep in mind that some time ago, the monitors were taking up to 100 watts per hour.

Good response time of the panel

Finally, as some of you may know, when it comes to running modern games, some screens may display shades and fade colors during the game. However, I played for several hours games like HALO:Reach and performed many HD tests on youtube. This monitor has a good response time and the panel works very well in our tests. I must say that I didn’t see any sign of ghost images and neither unwanted shades. In fact, Samsung B2230 acted very well, just like the other deluxe(to be read “expensive”) monitors from Samsung.

Review conclusions

Therefore, from what I’ve tested and reviewed, I can say that SyncMaster B2230 has no weak points and acts just perfect. However, I can’t just forget that it doesn’t have a HDMI jack, therefore it is not as perfect as I wanted it to be. However, if this model will suffer an upgraded, then for sure, the next version will come up with a HDMI jack, fact that will definitely satisfy me and all the other customers that wanted this feature at Samsung B2230.

Technical specifications

Display Format16:09
Display Size21.5 inches
Pitch in mm0.248
Vertical Resolution0:00
Horizontal resolution1920
Integrated webcamNo
Integrated MicroNo
Screen TypeLCD
Height in cm35
Width in cm52.34
Depth in cm6.82
Weight in kg4.35
Scanning Frequency Vertical Hz75
Horizontal Scanning Frequency in KHz80
Brightness300 cd / m2
Brightness in Candels170
Contrast Ratio (X: 1)70000
Normal consumption in Watts45
Response Time in ms5
Adjustable BracketYes
Power Consumption Standby in Watts0.29
LED technologyNo LED Technology