Roku 2100X XDS


A new media player from Roku

If it comes to digital media receivers, besides producers like Cisco, Sonos and Sony, there is another producer, Roku, who has recently launched Roku 2100X XDS, a digital media receiver which is rumored to be good and cheap.

Able to play streaming signal ?

Priced somewhere around $95-98, we wanted to test and review Roku 2100x XDS mainly because there are a lot of rumors among the tech geeks, telling that the above mentioned gadget is capable of streaming more than than a hundred Internet video and audio online organizations, that include Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, Major League Baseball and NHL games. And as you may know, if it comes to online NHL games, we’re definitely in.

Improved media streaming services

Roku-2100X-XDSI don’t know if you remember, but 3 years ago, back in 2008, the only Netflix friendly gadget was a small receiver called Roku Player. Therefore, it’s obvious that Roku has quite an experience in this field, therefore 2100x XDS player is automatically a product that should be able to deliver improved media streaming services and not only.
Basically, Roku 2100x XDS offers two type of internet connections: via wireless Wi-Fi or via Ethernet. However, we highly recommend to use the Wi-Fi networks (if possible), especially if the router that connects to the Ethernet cable isn’t anywhere close to the TV.

1080p Full HD resolution

As well, Roku 2100X XDS is perfectly capable of offering 1080p resolutions streams. However, for a full HD mode, a HD TV is required. As well, we must be honest with you: we tested this digital media receiver at different resolutions, and we were quite pleased of its delivered quality.

However, once we’ve compared the 720p image and the 1080p image for this review, there was almost no difference between them, even though it should have been one. From this point of view, we think that this is a “-” for the ones from Roku, as due to their experience in this field, they should have been able to create something that would make a difference.

Good connectivity

As well, Roku 2100X XDS comes equipped with a HDMI jack and an USB port. The USB port acts quite friendly as all the necessary operations in order to view the media files from the memory stick, are in fact… just one: a plug in job, and after that, it is ready to go.
Finally, as concerning the streamed channels, it is important to say that not all of them are free. For example, Amazon uses a pay-per-view system that makes available more than 40,000 files. As well, Netflix and Hulu Plus are requiring certain fees too, unlike Pandora and Mediafly, which are 100% free for its users.

Review conclusions

We can say that the Roku 2100X XDS is a digital media receiver player that, due to its low price and due to its advantages, is definitely worthy to invest in, especially if the users like to view online lots and lots of media files.

Technical specifications

Built-in wireless (Wi-Fi), plus wired (Ethernet) connectorYes
HDMI video output for HDTVsYes
Extended-range Wireless-N (b/g/n compatible)Yes
Dual-band wireless technology–the latest standardYes
Works with virtually any TV (standard definition or HD)Yes
Plays high-definition video (720p)Yes
Component video and optical audio outputsYes
USB port for playing stored photos, music, and videosYes
Plays 1080p HD videoYes
Enhanced remote with Instant ReplayYes