Replay XD1080


At first listen, Replay will not ring a bell. But this manufacturer has launched many cameras throughout the years. And now they have a new one up their sleeve. The $300.00 Replay XD1080 already earned many high fives from consumers. And from us, too. You should have no worries while using this device. We will use this review to show you what we mean.

A full HD camera for motorcycle rides

The Replay XD1080 measures 94 mm x 28 mm. Its weight is 87g. It is capable of snapping videos in 1080p 1080p 30 frames per second and 960p or 720p clips. There are also a 4GB microSD card and an SD card adapter. The video format that this camera supports is H.264 .MOV. The kind of field of view present here is a 135-degree one. The 750 mAh battery is not the type to be replaceable. Its amount of volts is 3.7.

Because the Replay XD1080 is a video cam good for motorcycle rides, it comes with resistance to water and a body that is made of hard anodized aluminum. You can put this device in a case made of plastic when you are not using it. The camera mount that is offered worked really well in our tests. But it is not very tall. However, we encountered 0 issues when we mounted the device.

Replay-XD1080Ports, outputs, inputs and many other options to connect various other devices are present in the form of the following: 1 external mic, 1 HDMI and 1 mini-USB.

Each time we pressed the device’s buttons, they told us that it was working like intended. This haptic feedback is always welcome. That annoying fish eye effect we’ve seen on a lot of rugged cams is not visible here.

Limited battery life

If we were asked about cons where image quality is concerned, we would say that colors’ rendition is the main one. They look oversaturated in tests. There are many others video motorcycle cameras which deliver better results. We deeply appreciated the inclusion of a screw-on protective clear lens cover. This made sure that the lens did not get damaged. Exposure was more than good. However, make sure to use the XD1080 where the light is not too poor and not too blinding. But videos were the ones that shined. The colors they delivered were so much better than saw in photos.

The device has, as mentioned, an 135-degree field of view. It is completely devoid of barrel distortion. We soon found out, though, that the initial great video quality would get worse after the cam would process some clips. Fortunately, there were no artifacts to annoy us. There are come LED lights aboard, as well. They come in colors that variate. If you don’t understand something about the cam’s modes, they will help you find your way.

The camera is complete with 2 keys situated under the cover on its back. They will help the user access, in a faster way, either still or video photo modes. They were really helpful and even beginners are going to have fun using them. Even if there is a manual if you get lost. But we guarantee you will not.

Even if the battery is advertised as delivering 122 minutes of video, that is not the amount you will get in real life. Which is actually less than that by 1/4. That means 20 mins of video using the product’s full resolution when we reviewed the camera.

Review conclusion

The Replay XD1080 is a major nod for its manufacturer. It has some weak points it needs to get over, but in general it is a very nice camera for your motorcycle trips.