Registry Mechanic 2011 review


A cleanup computer tool from PC Tools

Registry Mechanic 2011 was first published by the Australian company PC Tools. It is considered a good product that supposedly cleans up and repairs PCs in a simple but effective way. Does it deliver? Or should you choose something else? Find out the answer from our review.

Smooth installation process

When we tested the product, installation went fast and smooth; only several minutes were necessary to have the Registry Mechanic 2011 fully downloaded to our computer. The software is available for free download. From there on we ran the program and followed the easy step-by-step instructions to complete the installation and launch the program. After the process ends, you will see a box which will authorize a registry scan every time the computer performs a boot. Once the said registry scan did its job, we were asked to either select one of reported issues or all of them so that the program could start repairing or fixing them.registry-mechanic

Simple interface

The interface of the new RM 2011 is simple. If you’re a beginner, you’ll have no problem navigating this product. Should you still encounter difficulties, you can access a help guide menu or online help, where you’ll find FAQs, e-mail support, live chat option and many more. The Quick Start Guide also provides a lot of help, even to expert users. The Registry Mechanic 2011 comes with a live update tool, which is a great idea.
When it comes to features, the System Monitor one was one of the most interesting, because it measured how much resources were used by the operating systems with something that resembled a heart rate monitor; this feature also suggested ways in which to better the performance of our PC.

Good scanning speed

During testing for our review, scanning went fast and without problems. We scanned our hard drive, the registry and the Windows add/remove, just to name a few.
The Registry Mechanic 2011 offered great safety for our computer; the program always managed to identify problems and afterwards telling you which of them is the most dangerous. We also discovered a restore feature as well as backup for those moments when we removed some important feature by accident.

Review conclusions

To sum it up, the Registry Mechanic 2011 is a good money investment. You’ll have no problem using it and its performance is really good.

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