Razer Tiamat 7.1 Gaming Headset


Technology for daily using

If you haven’t spent your existence in a monastery, then you know the immense popularity gaming has earned in the past year. Sure, there were gamers even before then. But once technology evolved and its means of delivering better performance also evolved, games have become the next best thing to do on a daily basis. Or an hourly basis, even, if you’re a gaming fanatic. Headsets to facilitate the best experience started to improve more and more to keep up with demand. Razer was one of the companies to invest much needed money to offer great quality products. One of them: Tiamat 7.1. Here’s the scoop on it in this review.

Very crisp sound provided

Razer themselves bill their new gaming headset as their first ever true 7.1 creation. The ear cups have 10 individual drivers arranged about them. That has the effect of mimicking surround sound speaker that was put in a crammed space.

If you’re not on your first gaming headset, you know that owning a pair is not easy. You must be aware of how you perceive audio fidelity. So this is why that fine line between bad and good audio quality varies with each individual who uses such a product. But we will spare you the curiosity and say that this headset is worth all of its $179 price. Just one more thing: to be fully pleased with the Razer Tiamat 7.1, you will have to already own a 5.1 or 7.1 sound card capable of delivering surround-sound. Because otherwise you’re, well, out of your league.razer-tiamat-7.1

The manufacturer made a promise before releasing this product. That it would have a great audio component. Our tests taught us that that was, indeed, a kept promise. Quality of sound was the ultimate pro, meaning that everything sounded very crisp. Space and sense of immersion into what we were listening were both so good that they made us swoon throughout our tests for this review.

Comfortable design

Sound cards are the explanation why quality and fidelity for audio is better than headsets using wireless methods. But not all of the latter sound bad. This Tiamat 7.1 felt very comfortable on our ears. Its cups are made of fake leather and they are both large. Wearing them for more than the recommended 1 hour still felt comfortable. We didn’t feel sweat coming down our neck when using them for longer periods of time.

There were some instances when they fell to the ground because of our manhandling them. But their solid build took care to avoid damage. A built-in mic slides in and out of the left ear cup without problem-free. We generally use sound cards with our gaming headsets. On this model, the sound card offered very good voice input quality. Once or twice, though, a con appeared: our voice sounded distant to our friends.

A toggle switch that’s used for swapping between the device’s individual speakers and for other purposes is one of our favorite pros. Another one: the ability to swap between speakers and headsets without thinking too much about it while you’re at it.

Review conclusion

To consider the Razer Tiamat 7.1 as the ultimate gaming headset experience is a bit too much. But this product isn’t an embarrassing option, really. If you happen to own an old motherboard and a 7.1-surround card, this model will work just fine. Excellent sound, though, will be offered by other gaming headsets.