Razer SWTOR Gaming Mouse


A gadget for Star Wars fans

A very good keyboard and a likewise mouse are essential in every gamer’s life. Without those two, PC gaming has no charm whatsoever. This combination is very important and it’s where users of consoles differ from those using a comp for their games. Especially for what MMORPG require. We’re sure every dedicated gamer has needed a quality keyboard and mouse at least once in their lives. And haven’t really found them. They should know that Razer is a legend in the field. Their mice and keyboards deserve all sorts of awards. But today we’ll discuss a mouse made especially for Star Wars games. SWTOR Gaming Mouse is its name.

Extra 12 keys

Razer’s Naga mice series have many things that set them apart from conservative ones. The design of the mouse reviewed today is the one to jump at you first and ensnare you. The fact that it’s wireless means easy to recharge. And when it runs out of strength you can recharge it and not interrupt your favorite game.Razer-SWTOR-Gaming-Mouse

The Razer SWTOR Gaming Mouse has a performance which other mice fail to achieve. The time it took to respond to our fingers was very short. The backlight illumination is heavy duty and wonderful. The product will feel rather smallish once held right after you take it out of its box. The extra 12 keys on it took some getting used to from our part. Heck, even the user’s manual announced that around 18 hours would be needed to feel the mice belong in your hands. After a day passed, we started our tests again and noticed how comfortable we felt with the mouse.

Synapse 2.0 software

If you wonder: those 12 buttons stand for a keyboard’s 12 buttons. Starting with the number 1 and ending with the = symbol. With the left or right hand thumb you can click all of them. Again, expect some time spent with getting used to this method. We estimate 1 hour of tests will be enough to feel comfortable. And it’s best to do that before you throw yourself in a game with a lot of adrenaline.

To have a healthy relationship with the Razer SWTOR Gaming Mouse there’s some hard work required. The Synapse 2.0 software needs to be installed. Razer themselves offer it. After you make an account, the settings of the mouse will be stored. That will be tiresome and infuriating to the majority of gamers. But ah, well, this is Razer we’re discussing in this review.razer-swtor-mouse

Impressive performance

Gaming mice functioning wirelessly will lag and be difficult to control. You can stay calm: the Razer SWTOR one didn’t lag and we could control it as easy as we brushed our teeth twice a day.

Die hard gamers should do well and get the Razer SWTOR Gaming Mouse. We can’t deny that you’ll adjust to it in a second. You’ll probably need a day for that. But, once the ordeal is over, what you get is worth your patience. The potential of the product is colossal. Your gaming performance will really improve if you give this mouse a shot.

Review conclusion

Naturally, if you’re a fan of Razer’s gaming set you won’t have problems with the SWTOR mouse. The innovation and quality it brings to gaming are priceless.The $139.99 price will scare you. However, if you decide to invest this amount of money into the product, chances are you won’t ever look at another gaming mouse. However tempting it might appear.