Polywell Poly i2303 i5-2467M


A slim desktop PC

Nettops in general do not work as fast as other devices. It’s common knowledge and has been so for many years. If we were to label them, we’d say they are the netbook of desktop computing. The ones we had the chance to review previously were, in their majority, very affordable and compact. Moreover, they had another pro: they didn’t consume a lot of power. Polywell’s $899 Poly i2303 i5-2467M is an attempt to include all of these elements in one body. It’s not a complete failure, but it doesn’t reach the same performance heights and specs as seen on different other desktops.

Simple design

The Polywell Poly i2303 is another desktop to adopt a simple design. Simplicity seems to become more important than extravagance. Manufacturers are keeping it real by preferring to pay more attention to what’s inside a device. Perhaps this will soon become a trend. If it does, we’ll support it. Too many times have we been fooled by an attractive design only to find out that that gadget was an almost complete failure in the performance area. The model analyzed today is sold in two colors: silver and the usual black. The chassis is of metal and, even if it’s minimalistic, it’s still an example of effective elegance. On its sides, the desktop sports air vents. Nothing more than those. We could sense air coming out of these vents. But there was no noise to bother us during our tests. The only sound we did hear came from the system’s cooling fan. But even that one was really small.Polywell-Poly-i2303

Small dimensions

The Poly i2303 is a small unit for these days. But if it’s got a diminutive size, then you can put it somewhere and it won’t shock visitors with a huge frame. And besides, you can move it to another room without landing in the hospital. To place it so it sits upright, there’s a stand made of metal. Which stand can become great support if you want to place the system horizontally. The system is small, but also slim. Like very slim. The reason: lack of an optical drive. But the system is also slim because it offers no internal expansion. So if you’re not prepared to accept these cons, keep your distance from Polywell’s Poly i2303.

Because we touched upon the subject of expansion, we have to add that the unit lacks free PCI slots. And the 8GB of DDR3 included in the deal are enough to fill up both of the unit’s DIMM slots.

1.6 GHz Intel i5 processor

If internal expansion lacks, the external one doesn’t. The product features a speaker jack, one eSATA port, an HDMI out, one media card slot, 4 USB 2.0 ports, jacks for mic and audio and 1 USB 3.0 port.

The C: drive of this desktop PC will be infuriating. It most certainly was during tests for this review. This is the sort of con that will most likely make you dislike the system with a passion. It refused to allow us to install benchmark programs. When we sorted things out, we were very impressed with the speed of the dual-core 1.6 GHz Intel i5 CPU. The 1 GB Nvidia Geforce 520 graphics processor didn’t perform badly. It was as good as the processor.

Review conclusion

We won’t bash the Polywell Poly i2303 powered by i5-2467M. We will not deny that it has those cons we mentioned, but this desktop is, in the end, a decent one.