PocketBook Pro 603


A very well-equipped eBook reader

Because it is almost too powerful for this purpose, the PRO 603 seems to have more energy than is normally necessary for its primary mission. However, the price seems to be higher that the price of competitors’ models.


The new PocketBook product seems to change the way companies decide to fight in order to penetrate the market for eBook readers. In the latest months, this manufacturer based in Ukraine introduced a line of six products on the market. They takes over its 5″ reader (360°), which is a somewhat outdated but still attractive gadget. However, the Pro 603 and 903 apparently seem to differ just by the size of their screens. The latter are the newest generation of pocketbooks intended for reading. But the real problem is: how capable are these devices to have a chance against the heavyweights of this domain made by the likes of Sony, Amazon and Bookeen? Let’s see the test and the sort of capabilities these gadgets have.


PocketBook-Pro-603Comparing this device to its predecessor (the Pro 903), the 603 Pro is a less typical product. The display has a standard 6-inch diagonal dimension (about 15.26 cm on the diagonal), a dimension that is identical to the Sony Reader PRS-650 Touch Edition or with the Amazon Kindle. However, this gadget has a border a little wide compared to their products, because it incorporates navigation buttons. The Pro 603 seems to offer a gadget by the the size of a paperback book but much thicker: over 1 cm.

The Pro 603 weighs only 280 grams with its aluminum frame gray plastic front and metal on the back. This weight is more pronounced, about 54 more grams than the Sony, which is not a negligible thing. However, the users will appreciate the wealth of options, navigation buttons and ergonomics, which are all very satisfactory. In our tests, this gadget worked fine: it had large buttons for turning pages, direct access to the main menu, we could consult the book summary and we could also use the multidirectional navigation for a page. And another interesting thing: the touch screen, which is missing from the Amazon Kindle.

Good display for reading

Both gadgets – the PocketBook Pro 603 and the Pro 903 – have a lot of features, especially good is their touch screen and full connectivity to Wi-Fi and 3G networks. For the screen, the producer decided to use an electromagnetic one with resonance (called EMR) that requires the use of a special stylus. The display seemed to be very responsive and precise in our tests. A bad thing is that you cannot do the same when you slide a finger on a book. This way, if you lose the stylus, you will not able to use the touch screen’s interface. Is the Amazon Kindle better because it has no touch screen ?

The access to the main functions of the gadget is possible through the bottom buttons, but the virtual keyboard (useful for annotations, entering a URL of a website or a key to access the Wi-Fi network) becomes totally unusable without the special pen. That’s provided with the device. We believe that you must be very careful and to always remember to store the stylus in the special slot of the eBook reader. Another good thing about this device is the quality of the display, which relies on the more conventional electronic ink (E-Ink) technology. With its help, the device doesn’t suffer because of the touch interface. If you want to read something on the gadget, you will see that the font is perfectly clear and the contrast is excellent, all thanks to the this kind of technology which makes the screen extra clear.

Review conclusion

After our tests we can say about that this gadget’s features and the way it works are good. The display offers comfort to the eyes, the battery offers enough autonomy and the device has support for the EPUB format and PDF files. However, a weak point about the Pro 603 eBook reader is its price, which is higher than what the competitors sell their products for. A good thing (better that the average of competitors) is the dual compatibility with the Wi-Fi/3G networks able to give you the opportunity to work independently from any computer device. If, of course, you have access to a network. However, these things depend only on you and are a matter of personal of choice. Compared to this one, the Pro 903 model seems to target another type of audience: the professionals who want a very large screen.

Technical specifications

Display size (diagonal)24 cm
Operating systemLinux
Memory RAM (MB)256 MB
Interlan storage (in MB)2048
Processor Frequency533 MHz
Display TechnologyE-Ink electronic ink
Screen resolution600 x 800
Touch technologyTRA
Weight (grams)280
Battery Capacity (mAh)1530