Plantronics GameCom 367


A headphone for gamers from Plantronics

Although we’ve never tested any of the Plantronics products, when we were asked to review Plantronics GameCom 367, we had to give a positive answer. After all, they were made specially for gamers and gaming purposes, fact that definitely means a “must review and test” for us.
First of all, Plantronics GameCom 367 don’t have anything in common with the cheap $5 headphones. In fact, they are 6 times more expensive than the regular headphones, but…the provided advantages are by far, more superior than the ones given by the cheap headphones.

Improved experience

Plantronics-GameCom-367Basically, GameCom 367 comes with a closed ear headset (specially made to offer an immersive experience to its users), a mic that can barely be seen unless users want to use it and several other features that make the whole audio experience (whether it’s related to communicating or just gaming) a whole lot better that its competitors.

Great design

If it’s one thing we like most at these headphones, it’s definitely the design: it’s army like, colored in dark red. As well, if most of the closed ear headphones tend to have leather or just plastic in their upper parts, this pair of headphones comes equipped with a soft fabric, with excellent ergonomics, that ensures a high comfort to their users. Moreover, while using it, any other sounds can not be heard, fact that tells that Plantronics 367 is worthy for its money.

Not very comfortable

However, as the headphones were made to stay steady on the heads of their users, they are quite rigid. Therefore, some of the users might report an uncomfortable level of pain after a long period of using them continuously. This is why it is recommended to make a pause of 15-20 minutes after every 90 minutes, just to let the ears relax.

Good sound quality

As for its quality, Plantronics GameCom 367 offers an experience that is 99% realistic. Even though some sounds aren’t delivered in a very natural representation, most of the time, the headphones will offer a great sound. The bass feature is also a great one: we felt this on our own when we tried to listed some house music; even though its parameters of functioning can be set after the will of its users, in auto mode, even our heart use to shake.
Finally, we must also speak about the microphone that comes GameCom 367 comes equipped with: it runs ok – with no sound interruptions during conversations – and more that that, its inbuilt noise reduction feature makes any conversation to be clearer and more naturally.

Review conclusions

That said, if you want a professional pair of headphones, that Plantronics GameCom 367 is the one for you. It is more expensive that most of its competitors, but it offers an unique experience that will take the preferences of its users to a whole new level.

Technical specifications

Key pointsUseGames
ConstructionHeadphones TypeSupra-auricular
Connectors3.5 mm jack
Distinctive featuresDetailsMicrophone, noise reduction