Plantronics BackBeat Go


We are taking a break today from the usual tablets, TVs and smartphones and concentrate on a pair of wireless headsets. This is the first time we have seen a product this light and small. Usually, headsets are known to be quite big and heavy. Plantronics seems to have found the perfect recipe to achieve this in the form of their $99.99 BackBeat Go.

Hi-Tech headset

This headset, namely the BackBeat Go, has some impressive looks. When we put them on, we did not feel like they were heavy. And they did not fall from our head that quickly. The product also sports silicon eartips.

These days, almost anything is possible. That goes for gadgets, too. And it also goes for this pair of headsets that we tested for our review. What we want to say is that this model comes with the ability to turn itself into a device for calling people up. Like a smartphone. If you have a phone using either the iOS or the Android operating system, perfect: this headset’s mic is compatible with them.

Because the BackBeat Go also features Bluetooth, you are going to get all the problems that this option means. Such as, like we ourselves noticed, turning tunes into something without dynamics and compressing audio files. And there was no way we could make that go away.Plantronics-Backbeat-Go

Limited by the batteries

Anyway, if you plan on taking this pair to the gym, we advise against it. Because it is not a product that can resist sweat that well. Or at least try to not prolong your workout session for more than half an hour. We spent 1 hour in the gym with this set on our head and we didn’t feel good. But the way it behaved was pretty nice, considering it’s a wireless stereo headset. We greatly appreciated the fact that we heard the bass sounds well. We also heard plenty of balance. Still, this is not a headset that is capable of an amazing performance. So you know what to look for if what we’re writing here does not satisfy your needs or expectations.

The life of this headset is not overwhelming. We got a total of 4 hours and 20 minutes. And they were delivered by the set’s battery. The latter easily goes into a USB port.

We asked our friends what they made of the Backbeat Go. Opinions were mixed. We heard raves about it, but also complaints. The latter were many. Some of them: that the LED placed in the headset’s right earphone is very hard to catch sight of when lights are bright. That all of the keys sitting on the product’s inline remote should have been bigger. Another con people told us about when we asked them was the fact that the unit has ear buds which stick out too much for their liking.


But for us, the Plantronics BackBeat Go was a nice headset, compared with the other reviewed models. We thought that the looks were much more attractive that what we’ve seen up until then. Also, the performance in was pretty much-spot for the majority of the time we spent testing this product. However, we have to agree that this model will do with a couple of changes for the better. That way, it is going to really make waves in the industry of headsets. Until that day arrives, this pair is nifty.