Pioneer HDJ-500-R


High quality headphones available now

If you hear the sound made by the HDJ-500-R from Pioneer manufacturer, you will be amazed. With lots of high tech improvements and a good price – quality value, these headphones seem to be a very good choice for a professional. Let’s see the review.


The Pioneer HDJ-500-R was launched in September 2010. This headphone was designed for mobile DJs, but can be connected to any digital music player which has turntables. It features a great set of accessories made for various uses. These headphones are available in many colors at a good price (just 99 euros), which is very tempting for professional DJs. Anyway, this product seems to be a special one but we must see the entire test and review to get a correct image about it.


The latest model launched by Pioneer for DJs is called HDJ-500-R and is a closed helmet headband, which opts for earphones and supra-aural design. These pioneer-hdj-500-rhelmets are covered with a material that imitates a removable and washable textile. However, they have a flag correction channel, which is able to improve the quality of the sound. Anyway, through this material, the sound is well diffused and reflections are dissipated into your ear. The design is interesting and the right earphone is mounted on a pivot just to allow the DJ to have all the natural movements. Indeed, these helmets are designed just for mixing ! We are already in love with this pair !

Two connecting cables are delivered

The design of the headphones is somehow rigid, but the arch was made this way just to keep the helmet in its place in the case of sudden movements of the head. The helmets are very well balanced, and you will be on the top as a DJ with these helmets on your ears.
Another interesting thing is that Pioneer delivers two sets of cable with two lengths. One of this cable is 3 meters long and is made to allow you to be at a distance and still mix and the other is just 1 meter long and is made to allow you to listen to music while you’re connected to an mp3 player or a CD player. Anyway, these cables are made from very good materials and have an anti-pullout mechanism. They also sport a 3.5mm jack (6.3 mm plug to adapt supplied) at the end of the cable. If you listen to music in headphones, you’ll see that the insulation from your environment is good and that the power generated by the headset is truly powerful and clear.

Impressive dynamic sound

There’s no need to force the volume of the sound to see that this pair of headphones is made to sound perfectly. In our tests, the audio offered by the 40 mm transducers is very powerful and clear at the same time. We measured at the maximum of the signal very good values: at constant signal we have about 470 mV and 108 dB. The bass is superb and the mids and highs are very clear and balanced, all at the same time. In the Pioneer specifications you can see that the frequency has values from 5 Hz up to 28 000. Anyway, our tests revealed that this helmet is able to offer good signal of sound from 25 to 21.5 MHz, which is admirable when comparing this set to competing ones.

Review conclusion

After our tests we can say that the Pioneer HDJ-500-R is a good choice for a model which costs under 100 euros. For this price, the HDJ-500-R makes a very good impression. You can use this helmet for different purposes, to hear music from your MP3 player and to mix music while you are connected to a turntable. This product seems to be a very good choice for anyone who’s addicted to music. The price is good and the product offers confidence along with good quality of sound.

Technical specifications

* Headphones Type : Headphones
* Headphones Form Factor : Ear
* Product Type : Headset – wired
* Recommended Use : Professional audio system, Home audio system
* Sound Output Mode : Stereo
* Connectivity Technology : Wired

* Response Bandwidth : 5 – 28000 Hz