Philips 9000 Series 3D LED


Two 3D TVs from € 1,599

Two ranges of TVs LED “3D Ready” were launched in April 2010 – series 8000 and 9000.
Philips has decided to join the fight of “3D” TV technology with two lines containing LED-backlight LCD: series 8000 and 9000. The 1080p HD TVs loading in are 3D ready (made by Philips) and have been available since April 2010 at a price starting from 1,599.99 euros. However, this is the price of the 32-inch model that belongs to the 9000 series. Two models with 40 and 46 inches diagonal of the display are also offered by this series.

Ambilight technology

Philips-9000-Series-3D-LEDThe 9000 series of this TV has Ambilight Spectra 3 technology, with the possibility to choose the color of the ambient light that is closer to the wall where the TV is hung. Philips also exploits the system of intelligent backlight LEDs. Pro users must know that energy savings are about 50% compared to standard models and they’re able to generate 2,250 trillion colors. And an impressive contrast ratio which can reach 10 000:1 000.

400 Hz frequency and 3D mode

Philips has also integrated into its new televisions a scan mode at 400 Hz frequency which makes it clear that the LCD improves the fluidity of movement sequences. As for response time: it’s 0.5 ms. The TV has so far been impressive in our testing for this review !
Video processing is supported by Perfect Pixel HD Engine (launched in 2010), with the added bonus mode Perfect Natural Motion for HD content. No big news, however, is the integration of a 30-watt sound amplifier and another method of spatial Incredible Surround.

Easy Internet access

On the multimedia side, the TVs incorporate a Wi-Fi module and the device can access wireless Internet. The service that the TV includes TV is known as VoD Video Future. It is moreover DLNA certified and can run audio, video streaming and photos of the PC (via Wi-Fi Media Connect). A new remote control oval made from aluminum, more ergonomic and easier to use than the 2009 version is also included in the package.

1600 euros for the 32-inch version

The price of the 32-inch model already available in stores is about 1.599.99 euros. The 40-inch model is even more expensive from the Philips 9000 series, but it is the price paid for such technology. Note that these three TV sets are accompanied by two pairs of Active 3D glasses, very useful when you need to see a movie in 3D. We don’t, however know what the price of the additional pair of 3D glasses is.

As for the 8000 series, the TVs are also compatible with 3D and available in four screen sizes (37, 40, 46 and 52 inches). You should know that Philips launched last summer a television compatible with 3D Cinema 21:9. To be continued in another test. Coming soon.

Positive points (pros)

* Customizable Ambilight color;
* Access to Internet via TV VoD;
* Impressive value of contrast ratio and colorimetry;
* Wi-Fi connectivity;
* 3D Full HD technology;

Negative points (cons)

* Just two pairs of 3D glasses provided for the reviewed model;

Technical specifications

Diagonal Screen Size (cm): 82;
Technology: LCD LED;
Label HD: HDTV 1080p;
Image Format: 16:9;
Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels;