Philips 22PFL4505D/F7 review


Another 22 inch LCD TV from Philips

Philips has launched another TV on the market. Its name: Philips 22PFL4505D/F7. According to the company, this is an affordable device that offers great performance, an array of different features and an affordable price; moreover, you can put it in any room of your home. Is it really that good? We invite you to read our review and find out how our test of the Philips 22PFL4505D/F7 went.

720p HD resolution

This new TV comes with the following specifications: 22″ LCD widescreen, 1366 x 768, TFT active matrix, 720p display format, 16:9 image aspect ratio, NTSC analog video input signal, 480p/720p/1080i/480i input video formats, 1 USB port, Stereo Sound Output Mode, 6 Watt Output Power / Total, 2 x right/left channel speaker – built-in – 3 Watt, 2 x HDMI, Power supply – internal, AC 120 V (60 Hz) Nominal Voltage, PC input via VGA, 21.5″ x 14.8″ x 2″, 4.9 kg, built-in light sensor, table top stand, registration card, power cord, user manual, quick start guide, a remote control and batteries for the latter.

Eco TV dynamic contrast

Philips-22PFL4505D-F7And now some of the features the 22PFL4505D/F7 sports: on-screen menu, Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), Eco TV dynamic contrast, Pixel Plus HD, Progressive scanning (line doubling), Parental Channel Lock, SRS TruSurround HD Sound Effects and Auto Volume Leveler.

Ultra thin design

The design of this ultra-thin TV is beautiful. Its screen offers great quality images thanks to the fact that this is a LED powered device; this means that the screen produces a very good light for the bright scenes, dim light for the dark ones and contrast. Clarity is excellent and colors are rich. What is more, the 1366 x 768p widescreen resolution features the Progressive scanning technology which translates into smooth images overall. How: this technology has a Pixel Plus HD option that improves each pixel and matches it to its neighbors; this means that the screen abounds in beautiful colors, great natural details and very good contrast.

Built-in light sensor

For our review of the Philips 22PFL4505D we also tested the product’s built-in light sensor and we must say that it worked really well: this feature automatically regulated the TV’s backlight by analyzing the light in the room so as to achieve the best picture quality and power efficiency possible.
This TV is an eco-friendly one, because it consumed less power than others we tested in the past and that’s all thanks to its LED lights.

Problems with the sound

A problem we encountered had to do with the quality of the sound; even though the device features SRS TruSurround HD, it didn’t work great, even after we turned the volume up: details were low frequency, basses were way too deep and we couldn’t really understand or hear voices well-enough. The fact that the speakers faced down was another issue for us.
With the help of the multiple inputs of the 22PFL4505D TV and we found it very easy to connect the device to other devices, such as a game console, DVD player, PC, Blu-ray disc player and so on. What is more, we could use the remote control to control devices that were connected via two HDMI with with Philips’ EasyLink option.

Review conclusions

The review conclusion is that the Philips’ 22PFL4505D/F7 LED LCD HDTV is a good option if you are on a lookout for a TV that offers great image quality, affordable price and can be placed anywhere you want without occupying too much space.

Technical specifications

* Pixel Plus HD
* 2 HDMI inputs
* Energy Star 4.0
* LED – edgelit
* PC input via VGA
* Display Size: 22 inches
* Display Technology: LED-lit
* Height: 14.8 inches
* Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
* Weight: 10.8 pounds
* Width: 21.5 inches
* Resolution: 720p