PC Tools AntiVirus 2011 review


A new antivirus from PC tools

The Australian manufacturer PC Tools has launched a new antivirus software, the PC Tools AntiVirus. The company is famous worldwide for its anti-spyware program called Spyware Doctor. Does their new antivirus program rise up to expectations? Which is its detection effectiveness ? Or is it just another anti-spyware product? Find out more from our review below.

Easy to install process

During our test we encountered no problem when installing the PC Tools AntiVirus. The installation kit is available for free download. Everything worked great at a very good speed and we didn’t have to reboot the system like we had to with other antivirus software. We were very pleased with the fact that, during installation, this antivirus program also downloaded the most recent virus definition database. The PC Tools AntiVirus requires 275MB of hard-drive space and it uses 27.0MB of system memory.PC-Tools-AntiVirus-2011

Not very intuitive design

The design is simple, yet pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, options in the main window aren’t well organized and buttons are small. The Quarantine feature is a tab that’s placed on the Settings page and the Smart Update option opens a dialog box used to manually update the virus definition database. Screens contain annoying advertisements, disturbing in the time of review, that urge you to buy the full version of the software, most features are disabled (such as rootkit scanning, power saving mode detection and zero-day virus protection, among others) and there’s minimal support.

Weak online support

When we didn’t understand something during the scanning process, we accessed a local help file; when that also didn’t clarify matters we simply went to the program’s Support Internet page. We must say that both the local Help file and the online Support page were a disappointment: the former showed one page of poorly written information and the latter had no community forum to speak of.

Fast scanning speed

During the test for our review, scanning for viruses worked surprisingly fast: the PC Tools AntiVirus registered an average rate of 18.0MB per second. Subsequent scan took 142.2MB per second. Intelli-Scan finished its job in 5 seconds and 1GB of test files were processed in under 57 seconds. Reboot time was 25.9 seconds and 0.43 seconds were needed for file conversion.
The PC Tools AntiVirus is a decent antivirus software if you are a beginner; professional users will have to look elsewhere for a superior product if they want their computers to be safe from various threats.

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