Partition Magic 8 review


A partition manager software from Norton

Norton’s PartitionMagic 8 is supposed to handle large drives better than any other program at the same time offering a secure erase tool. But users complain about its interface which hasn’t been improved in many years. We wanted to see for ourselves whether this software was good or bad, so we tested it. Here is our review.

No Windows Vista version

Norton’s PartitionMagic 8 requires a CD or DVD and Windows 98 via Windows XP Home or Professional editions for installation, because there’s no Windows Vista version. The software is available for free download in trial version. We encountered no problem during setup thanks to the very helpful Wizard; beginners shouldn’t, therefore, have much to worry about. The only issue we had during our testing was the fact that we couldn’t easily uninstall the program, because there was no uninstall icon; instead we had to access the Remove Programs or Add options. Installation was of Partition Magic complete after a reboot. We were afterwards greeted by the same old interface as on previous versions, with its color-coded bar diagrams of the partitions on each hard drive. We could modify them via manipulation of the placement within the said diagrams or with the help of a file and folder tree on the left. If you’re a beginner, make sure that you first make a backup.Partition-Magic-8

Fast but difficult to use

In the features department we noticed the following: a DriveMapper (it looked for software references and adjusted shortcuts to show new partitions), BootMagic (dealt with the boot process), the possibility to create partitions up to 300GB, the capability to enlarge NTFS partitions without having to do a restart and, lastly, a Secure Erase feature (deleted a drive by overwriting it with passes of 0 and 1). Overall performance for the Norton PartitionMagic 8 was very good, because we succeeded in easily and quickly dividing 240GB of hard drive.
When we encountered problems, we went to the integrated Help button. The program comes with no user’s manual and the online FAQ section only has five answers; after writing an e-mail three days were necessary to receive a reply and during online chat we had to wait 15 minutes to ask a question and to have an answer. Telephone support won’t be of great help, because it’s too expensive to use.

Review conclusion

After this test and review we can say that the Norton’s PartitionMagic 8 is a good software but you need some experience to use it without risk.

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