Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 review


One of the best rated antivirus software in 2011

The Panda Pro Antivirus is regarded as a very good antivirus program thanks to its many qualities and advanced features, among which a full-powered firewall, and its elegant appearance. It managed to occupy fourth place in a test conducted by a German antivirus testing lab. We also tested the Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 and here is our review.

Easy to install

One thing we really enjoyed was the ease of installation: we only had to wait a few minutes for the program to install; furthermore, we didn’t have to reboot our PC, like we had to do with other antivirus software. But, if you encounter problems in the installation, this antivirus software comes with a PSCAN tool; this is used by support technicians to gather data and send solutions back to your PC. Once the Panda 2011 is installed, we were greeted by a main window with a gray background and white text. When the program spotted a malware, it displayed a warning and a button; by clicking the latter, we easily and quickly solved the problem.

Very small installation kit

Panda-Antivirus-2011In stand-by mode, this program occupies 5MB and is discreet.
Some of the features of this program: newly introduced gaming mode, virtual keyboard, USB Vaccine, virtual browser, TruPrevent Technology 2.0 and Home Network Manager.
The former allowed us to watch movies and video games without being interrupted by alerts coming from the antivirus software. The virtual keyboard worked with the mouse really well and with the USB Vaccine we quickly vaccinated our computer from malware that could attack it after connecting an external USB to it. If you want a secure browser, then the one offered by Panda’s Antivirus 2011 software is a good choice: this one runs in a distinct place from your system and provides strong security while you’re using it.

TruPrevent 2.0 technology

The TruPrevent 2.0 feature detected suspicious activity and quickly prevented files from infecting our PC.
The Panda Antivirus Pro has a very fast scanning speed, one of the best scanning speeds we’ve seen so far; this program also kept an eye on the wireless network and automatically ran daily updates in the background.
Another plus: manufacturers of this antivirus program have included advanced heuristic detection along with the above mentioned firewall option.
Customer support was available via Panda’s web page; there we found a blog, a forum and a FAQ section, all very helpful.
As we approach the end of our review, one thing is clear: the Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 is a good option for everyone. While there are many better antivirus software available, you should give this one at least one try.