Panasonic VIERA TC-P42S30


A new 42-Inch 1080p plasma TV

Hope you aren’t bored of TVs just yet. Nowadays it seems people are more interested in the latest smartphone, tablet and other gadgets. And it’s a pity, because TVs have come a long way since the 50s. Especially in design, features and performance. But we can’t really blame today’s generations. Especially not when the cable happens to fall a lot; or the current for that matter. For people who still dig this product, here’s a new one: the $629.96 Panasonic VIERA TC-P42S30.

Beautiful design

In a world obsessed with how someone or something looks, Panasonic’s VIERA TC-P42S30 is a beauty. It’s the first thing you’ll notice when clicking on a pic of it on the net. And you won’t be able to stop from drooling all over it once it sits in your room. But don’t forget to check its performance, also. Because it is, trust us. Our tests performed for this review won’t lie.

Try to move it to another room and it will feel very easy to do. Our back and our arms didn’t hurt at all. Staying true to its interest for protecting the environment, this TV has plasma display panels that lack mercury and lead. This is great for recycling plans.Panasonic-VIERA-TC-P42S30

Game Mode technology

The panel of the VIERA TC-P42S30 is a 10,000 hour one. Its performance was so great in our testing phase that the excellent gradation delivered pure and rich blacks. Vivid images are the real deal; they are assured by a drive which makes all pixels get noticed. It’s so good that after effects are all in the past of previous Panasonic plasma TVs. Watching that soccer or tennis match will feel great thanks to this fact. Movies concentrating on a lot of action sequences won’t, thanks to that special drive, feel like a hazy blur after they end. Response was excellent and everything we ever wanted in such a device. But we shouldn’t forget gamers: they will find in the VIERA TC-P42S30 a real cool platform for that. No matter the type of game, the TV’s Game Mode will provide a very fast response and very sharp content.

Fast connectivity

Connectivity is always a must in every gadget. The options in our case cover everything you might need; they can be viewed in detail after you finish reading this review. When we wanted to go from Xbox to PlayStation to TV, we were astounded at how fast it was possible to do it. Online entertainment is one LAN port and one remote control away. The remote makes Panasonic proud: buttons are nice to the touch and open settings, features and so on without complaint. It also brings all kinds of Internet goodies for you to discover. It is a great way of controlling all the devices that are connected via HDMI.

As for the performance itself, the screen of this TV exploded into a realm of beauty. Beautiful brightness, beautiful colors, beautiful everything.

About that Eco-friendliness: this new Panasonic device can last for 30 years of viewing; that’s 8 hours of watching per day. The way the panel of TC-P42S30 is made is responsible for this. And the no mercury and no lead policies further help the planet when the time is ripe for recycling.

Review conclusion

What’s not to like about the Panasonic VIERA TC-P42S30? In all the tests we put it through we didn’t really find a flagrant flaw. This is how every plasma TV should act, so we recommend it without the trace of a doubt.

Technical specifications

* Screen Size: 42 inches diagonal
* Panel Technology: Plasma
* VIERA Image Viewer (Photo and Video)
* Fast Switching Phosphor
* Display resolution: 1080p Full-HD
* Screen Aspect Ratio: 16:9
* Energy Star
* Easy IPTV with DLNA
* Total Weight: 60 pounds

  1. Brian at 2:57 pm

    This Viera is nice looking, and wow 30 years of viewing? That is INSANE! Literally no reason to ever get a TV again if this is true about this model