Panasonic Viera TC-L47WT50


As it sometimes happens, a gadget that has just been released will not manage to give the kind of performance it was expected of it. This is what happened to us when we tested Panasonic’s Viera TC-L47WT50. It starts out as a nice TV, but in the end it will only disappoint. We will illustrate what we mean with the following review.

A new 47 inch 3D HDTV

The Panasonic Viera TC-L47WT50 has, like it says in its name, a 47″ screen with LCD capabilities, a refresh rate of 240Hz, active 3D technology, a dual-core CPU, LED backlight and many more. This TV features high-speed “1920” backlight scanning, two remote controls instead of just one, Smart TV, local dimming, Viera Market and other options. The panel resolution is 1080p Full HD. The fact that there is no pair of 3D glasses is a real pity.

Both of the remote controls are very easy to use. And they respond very well. The company did not change the old menus they used to implement on older models. Which means that you won’t get lost if you want to open something. The standard remote, though, will mean a lot of fingerprints placing themselves on its surface.

Even if the performance is not the best out there, this TV is still a good-looking one. Starting with its solid stand and finishing with the very thin bezel.Panasonic-Viera-TC-L47WT50

This product is blessed with many options for connectivity. We encountered the following: 1 PC input, 4 HDMI, component- and composite-video connections and 3 USB.

Social Networking access

We have seen only a handful of TVs manage to have a display which did not show either clouding or bright spots. The display of the Viera TC-L47WT50 is now part of that handful. But the piece of resistance is said to be the local dimming feature. Yeah, right. It wasn’t in our tests. Black levels lacked depth, but the 1920 backlight scanning made sure that action scenes looked smooth all the way. The display presented very good uniformity. 3D content looked swell and we could see that there was practically no crosstalk. We got to do plenty of tasks on this TV, and all at the same time without the TV breaking a sweat in the process.

There is a wide variety of content selection. Even almighty Vudu is now an option. When we wanted to have Facebook, Twitter and the like on the same page, when we reviewed it, we used the device’s new application called Social Networking. While Samsung and other rivals sport a 3D app, you will find no such thing on this model.

Effective interface

The Viera TC-L47WT50 did add a Smart TV feature, too, as mentioned before. Its interface is a very effective one besides being very straightforward so that even beginners can use it. Black levels were not preserved that well. And reflections could still be seen at every point of watching something. But we saw that the time it took to open an app or navigate around was less than on other models. Colors looked plenty vibrant and beautiful. Viewing angles were not bad at all.

The areas that had a lot of shadows showed details. Even if they were not very realistic. The same happened with the letterbox bars. The skin tone of people on the screen was somewhat pale. We even noticed, a couple of times, the presence of a very light shade of black.

Review conclusion

The Panasonic Viera TC-L47WT50 comes with a lot of promises and expectations. While it does not fulfill all of them, this TV still remains a pretty nice choice. If, however, you are pleased only with excellent performance, specs, features and design, there are other plasma TVs to check out.