Panasonic Viera TC-L42ET5


We are already living in a day and age where gadgets have to be thinner, lighter, more attractive and so on than ever before. So every manufacturer out there is looking for ways to make it happen. Panasonic decided to come with something new in the TC department. Enter their Viera TC-L42ET5 set. About which we will expand in the review we prepared for today.

A 42-inch new HDTV

The Panasonic Viera TC-L42ET5 ships with a 42″ screen with 1080p of full high definition, 120Hz and many more. When we measured it, we got the following figures: 39.3″ x 2.1″ x 23.8″. The weight was 48.5 pounds.

For once, the newest Panasonic TV set is larger than its competition. The bezel of this product is surrounded with beautiful acrylic. That and the matte finish make this set look good.

In order to be able to control the Viera TC-L42ET5, you have several options: either the keyboard, the display or the remote control that comes with this TV. The latter worked best, in our tests, with both our tablet and our smartphone. The keyboard proved to be very easy to use.Panasonic-Viera-TC-L42ET5

Easy 3D Technology

This ET5 series features something brand new called Easy 3D Technology. Which allows for content in 3D to play in a fairly good way on this device. Maybe if the number of pixels was bigger, then the results would have looked better. As it was, though, colors had a nice feel. Likewise, depth was decent. All of the major cons were not present. And by that we are referring to flickering and negative crosstalk. Smoothness, though, was a missing factor. All of the six pairs of 3D glasses that you get once you buy the TC-L42ET5 have a great pro: they are both comfortable and light. Besides being so many.

This model that we introduced to our tests did not deliver the kind of judder we saw with other reviewed models. And that was due to its Cinema Smoother mode. Which proved to be a great ally in the way this set handled content. This feature basically interpolated extra frames into images. This was done in order to offer smoothness to movies that had 24p. After the Cinema Smoother did its job spotlessly, we could enjoy content that had fast action scenes without experiencing the much-dreaded judder.

Web access

The scanning backlight feature is another strong point. Its main role is to deliver 360Hz that also smooths out any type of fast action there may be on the screen. We saw plenty of great black levels thanks to the superb quality of the contrast. Moreover, when watching something in 3D, the TV’s full high definition option kicked in and made everything look extra great, colors included.

To be able to surf the World Wide Web with ease, this model offers several options. One of them is named Viera Cast Internet TV suite. The second one is via a web browser. The TV suite we mentioned offered us the possibility to watch clips on YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, Twitter and so on. The web browser is a full one and it works great, too.

So as to be able to look like a 360Hz panel, this TV sports a technology known as 360 Back Light Scanning. Which also did an astounding job of mimicking that 360Hz panel we talked about a bit earlier.


In the end of things, the Panasonic Viera TC-L42ET5 will not go wrong on that many levels. Its pros outweigh its cons.