Panasonic Viera TC-L42D30


A 42 inch 1080p LED TV

Featuring an IPS Alpha LED panel and excellent viewing angles, the Panasonic Viera TC-L42D30 offers a good image quality and fits well in any room. The HDTV is one of the eight LED/LCD Panasonic Viera models and has an impressive over all performance and good specs.

Let’s begin our test for this review with the most important detail, the screen. The Panasonic TC-L42D30 is a 42 inch Full HD 1080p TV dedicated to the new technology by featuring Motion Picture Pro 4 and as we mentioned before, IPS Alpha Panel. All these features together subscribe to the good image quality, including color accuracy, viewing angles, crisp images and fast responsiveness.

120 Hz Motion Picture Pro 4 technology

The Panasonic TC-L42D30 performs very well in our test when it’s about gaming and fast moving images, like in sports for example. This is thanks to the 120 Hz Motion Picture Pro 4 technology, that will receive the 60 Hz video signal and convert it from 60 frames per second to 120 frames per second. Not only that the viewers will enjoy impressing clarity without lag or blur, but they will also benefit from smooth transition between frames. The combination between the IPS Alpha Panel and the LED backlit is very clever, because it gives very high contrast.Panasonic-Viera-TC-L42D30

LED backlighting IPS panel

But make sure you don’t get too carried away by the laurels above, as there are some drawbacks too. We couldn’t help but notice that the TV didn’t display very inky blacks or strong red colors, and while running a Blu-ray it had some problems in finding the right contrast. What is more, due to the edge-mounted LED backlighting, along the corners and the top edge there appears some bleed, especially during dark frames.

On the other hand, IPS panels are more famous for their viewing angles rather than for their black levels, and the facts were proved. You can place this TV set anywhere in the room and still enjoy the brightness of colors.

20-watt speakers

For a home set, we were impressed by the sound quality the Viera TC-L42D30 can offer in a practical test. It’s not like you’ll be hearing whispers from all around you, but you’ll be close enough to that. The 2-channel 20-watt speakers are very good in exploring even the most subtle sound playing.

If you’re interested in the design, the Panasonic Viera TC-L42D30 is dedicated to the classy look of TV sets these days and it won’t put you to shame if you decide to invest in it. It has a glossy black top, very slim edges and a slim silver trim on the outer edge. The TC-L42D30 weighs 35 pounds and measures 1.3 inches thick, and on the bottom, because of the enclosed speakers, 2.9 inches.

Access to Viera Connect

On the back of the TV we can find a handful of ports, although not very well positioned. There are three HDMI ports, two USB and a VGA port, composite and component A/V, an Ethernet jack, digital and analog audio outputs and a coaxial cable connector. Better positioned, on the left side, there are a HDMI and a USB port. On the right we have a menu button, channel and volume controls and an input selection button. WiFi is not included for free but it is supported via an wireless adapter that you’ll have to buy it yourself.

With the TC-L42D30 you get access to Viera Connect, a feature that will allow you access to online services and social networking channels, including YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Facebook, Skype and Picasa, to name a few. Playing with the Picture menu, you’ll get to choose from five picture modes- Standard, Cinema, Game, Vivid and Custom- and you’ll also be able to adjust the basic settings.

Review conclusion

Being an Energy Star Partner, the TV will have low power consumption while performing as it is supposed to. We didn’t find any major flaws and we enjoyed both watching movies and playing games. The Panasonic TC-L42D30 lies above the line featuring Motion Picture Pro 4 and IPS Alpha Panel technology, so if you want a Panasonic device, our review model here should be on top of your list.

Technical specifications

* IPS Alpha LED Panel
* 120Hz with Motion Picture Pro 4
* Display Size: 42 inches
* Total Weight: 50.00 pounds
* Image Contrast Ratio: 5000000:1
* Display Technology: led-lit
* Resolution: 1080p
* Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
* Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
* DLNA / Wi-Fi Ready
* VIERA Connect access