Panasonic Viera TC-L37E5


A 37-inch Full HD TV

Panasonic is going headlong into the creation of more and more TVs to satisfy an ever increasing number of consumers. The manufacturer uses only the best in today’s technological findings. Their new E5 series is the company’s way of showing their commitment to produce devices with a lot more features and bigger dimensions. Case in point: the latest Viera TC-L37E5. This TV has many qualities which will contribute to it becoming popular in the near future. We’ll inform our readers of its highs and lows in the following review.

Beautiful design

The way the Panasonic TC-L37E5 looks is simply brilliant. This set is simple, yet very beautiful and with impressive specs. Its appearance is accentuated by black bezel which is only 1″ in width. It surrounds the TV. This bezel isn’t fully glossy, so it won’t truly attract millions of fingerprints in the end. It ends in clear acrylic that is half an inch only. Also, during tests we did on this product the bezel didn’t allow reflections to ruin our movie watching. There weren’t distractions of this kind. Overall, we loved the design. It was unassuming, yet very attractive and refined. We prefer this over TVs that are over the top in terms of looks these days.Panasonic-Viera-TC-L37E5

The TC-L37E5 has an In Plane Switching Panel which gets the party started. This feature has the advantage of delivering quality that’s great even when the user watches the TV from off-axis 178 degrees. The response of this IPS Panel is very fast. And that’s a pro in our book. Not only that, but the TV’s 8-phase backlight scanning technology has a way of reducing blurs in a very professional way, tested in this product review. And also, there won’t be any flicker when watching movies including lots of action scenes.

DLNA access

24p Playback is another feature which comes off as a very important pro point. It makes movies look as if they were watched in the cinema.

No TV is complete without a remote control. The TC-L37E5 is no exception. So apart from its standard model, another way to control it is via its touchscreen. Thanks to a Viera Remote App, the set enables users to use take their tablets and smartphones and use them as a remote control. It was all a piece of cake. Feedback was very good.

Connection to the World Wide Web is possible through the TV’s Wireless LAN Adapter. Say bye bye to tripping in a gazillion cables lying on the floor. DLNA compatibility is another means of assuring very easy connection to a network. The remote control has a button dubbed Internet. Once you press it, you gain access to many VOD services. Web pages you visit on your smartphone can be shown on this TV’s screen.

Gamepad compatible

If you also happen to be a gamer, the Panasonic Viera TC-L37E5 offers the possibility to enjoy gamepad content. You can even play games with your friends.

Consumers who want a better world are offered an Eco Mode. This is a feature which will, when sensing changes of any kind in the room, turn the TV’s power off. Or it will adjust brightness levels. Power Save reduces power consumption by adjusting brightness of the display. Auto Shut Down is able to quickly turn the device’s power off once it sees after 10 minutes’ time that there is no image signal. It also does that when you haven’t been in the room in the past 3 hours and past that amount of time.

Review conclusion

Consumers will like Panasonic’s TC-L37E5 a lot, we think. It won us over and hope it will also do that for you.

  1. Parker at 4:38 pm

    I just love this TV. The picture is so clear that when watching ESPNHD it felt like I could practically step through the screen and out onto Invesco Field during the Broncos game. Best of all I just picked up a Hopper through my work as a Dish employee beta tester. The Hopper gives me full HD and DVR function on four TVs. At the time of the install I only had three, so this Panasonic has made the perfect fourth set. The best part is, now no one misses a show over a DVR timer conflict, and there are more than enough HD TVs to go around, so everyone can watch anything they like in full HD!