Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C3


A popular Panasonic Viera 32 inch TV

Priced around $350 (with shipping included), Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C3 is one of the most popular 32” HD screens, mainly because it is of a medium size, therefore perfect for the medium sized homes and living rooms.

We wanted to test and review Panasonic TC-L32C3, mainly to ensure that it provides at least the same quality provided by all the other Viera screens, screens that are considered to be in top 5 of the most advanced TVs, among big names like Sony, Samsung, LG and Toshiba.

Image Viewer technology

Panasonic-VIERA-TC-L32C3Basically, Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C3 is pretty much similar with the other screens from its class. Weighing 22 pounds (although the shipment weight is somewhere around 25 pounds), it is just a bit heavier than a monitor. Its official measures are 30.7 x 8.2 x 20.9 inches, from my point of view, more than enough for all the users.

As you may know from the previous articles, TC-L32C3 comes with several features that, from our point of view, are really money worthy. For instance, this model has too the classic VIERA Image Viewer, feature that allows its users to watch photos( in HD) on a big screen. As Panasonic TC-L32C3 is equipped with a USB port, sticking a memory stick with pictures on is the only thing that needs to be done in order to watch at the pictures.

Can be used as monitor

As well, VIERA TC-L32C3 can also be used as a monitor, as it allows its users to connect their computers/laptops and use the TV instead of their classic monitors. Specially for this, Panasonic designed the Gaming Mode, feature that automatically changes the settings of the TV, depending of what kind of games are played on the computer. For instance, during Gaming Mode usage, colors become sharper and the brightness is adjusted automatically, in order to ensure its users a special experience. To be honest with you, we’ve spent more than 3 hours on playing Black Ops, and guess what? After those 3 hours ended, our eyes were not tired at all, even though we used to play pretty close to the screen. From this point of view, a big “plus” for this model, as so far, we haven’t met another TV screen that would act the same.

Medium quality of the image

As concerning the quality of the image, this TV runs a resolution that can go up to 1080p. Its native resolution is of 1366*768, but can easily work at 1080p without any problem. However, in order to obtain the maximum effect from this LED – LCD, HD Tv channels are recommended to be used. Otherwise, non-HD TV will act just average.

As well, just like its brothers, Panasonic TC-L32C3 comes equipped with 2 speakers of 10 W each, speakers that act well and are powerful enough to deliver a good sound.

Review conclusion

As a conclusion, even if Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C3 doesn’t bring anything special, it is one of the LCDs that you would definitely like in your home. Considering that its price isn’t too big, buying a Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C3 might definitely be a clever investment.

Technical specifications

* Product type LED-LCD
* Diagonal size 32 in
* Viewing angle 178 degrees
* Viewing angle (vertical) 178 degrees
* Technology LED-LCD
* LCD display technology IPS
* LCD backlight technology LED Backlight technology
* LED backlight type IPS Alpha-LED
* Resolution 1366 x 768
* Display format 720p
* Refresh rate 60 Hz
* Image aspect ratio 16:9
* Progressive Scan Progressive scanning (line doubling)
* Widescreen Widescreen
* Widescreen modes Full ,
Conventional 4:3 ,
* HDCP compatible Yes
* Supported DTV resolutions 1080/24p,
* Supported computer resolutions 1280 x 768 (WXGA)