Panasonic TC-P55VT30


A new 3D TV from Panasonic

After the success of Panasonic’s VT25 series launched last year, the famous Japanese company introduced its TC-PVT30 model during CES 2011. Users heavily anticipating this product were not in the least bit disappointed, because its superior quality speaks for itself. We took it for a spin and here is what we think. Is it worth ? Let’s see the test and the review performed with this gadget !
First of all, among its specifications we find the following: 55-inch 3D plasma TV, THX certification, Infinite Black Pro 2 panel, Viera Connect Internet Suite, 3D compatible SD card slot, 1080p/24 playback mode from 24 frames per second sources and short throw phosphors. An important advantage of this product is that it comes with one pair of 3D glasses.

Infinite Black Pro 2 for the panel

Panasonic-TC-P55VT30The addition of the Infinite Black Pro 2 panel feature is an important improvement for Panasonic’s VT30 series. The company stated that the panel raises the luminous efficiency and minimizes pre-discharge. This translates into excellent, subtle blacks in dark and bright environment, as well as excellent brightness.
The Panasonic TC-P55VT30 displays 1080 lines of moving picture resolution with the help of the 600Hz subfield drive in both 2D and 3D.

Impressive design

The design is flawless. This product is modern looking, features one single pane of glass that fronts the entire panel, a touch of silver along the extreme edge and a small speaker along the bottom edge. The TC-P55VT30’s stand features a large footprint, but it doesn’t let you swivel the panel.
The remotes and menus of this model haven’t changed that much from previous 2010 ones. The size of the remote is 9 x 2 inches, it doesn’t feature a QWERTY keyboard, and there are 31 illuminated keys and menu item explanations. There is no IR device control or on-screen manual. Having to scroll through pages in the Picture menu was a serious drawback. We noticed that 3D settings appear misplaced in the Setup menu and the inexistence of the on-screen manual made matters worse. Also, the remote features no Netflix button. We liked the fact that the buttons are well differentiated.

Multiple refresh frequencies

Some of the key TV features are as follows: the screen finish is made of glass, the refresh rates are 96Hz/60Hz/48Hz frequency, there’s a Wi-Fi adapter for the Internet connection, a dejudder processing, an USB port (for photos, music and video) and a DLNA compliant.
The 3D glasses that come with this Panasonic are rather expensive, but they include an on-off switch that will help users determine whether they’re powered up. They also feature a closed design and weigh less than 2010 models. Another improvement from previous products is the fact that you can use them with the 2010 TVs.

Online services access

The TC-P55VT30’s Internet suite received an app store through VIERA Connect and Easy IPTV: it has Amazon Instant, Facebook, Youtube, Pandora, Twitter, Dailymotion, Napster, Picasa, Gameloft games and others. Skype is optional.
The menu and default font are easy to use is significantly more cohesive and is working great in the tests performed for this review. As opposed to Samsung devices, this one was slower in its time response. But we didn’t find that to be a serious drawback.
Among other novelties, this new Panasonic TC-P55VT30 features a 10-point grayscale adjustment, a 10-point luminance control to home in gamma and full-fledged CMS. Tests showed that they work only in the Custom preset and aren’t easy to use or rewarding. Although it offers 2D-to-3D conversion, this model doesn’t convert streaming video.

Multiple connectivity

The TC-P55VT30 comes with analog components, composite video inputs, 3 USB inputs, RS232 control, an SD Card slot (used by the VIERA Image Viewer for playing slide shows, pictures and videos from the SD Card), stereo audio, RF and an optical digital. You will have to use breakout cables for all of these. Fortunately, the 4 HDMI ports and 3 USBs need none of those.

Review conclusions

All our tests showed that the new Panasonic TC-P55VT30 is a good pick this year, albeit some issues with the black levels, color accuracy, video processing, brightness and the fact that it doesn’t qualify as a computer monitor and doesn’t perform that well in 3D. As for power consumption, this model sees some improvement when compared to the 2010 VT25.

Technical specifications

Screen Format: 16:9
Screen Size in Inches: 55
Screen Size in cm: 140 cm
HD ready (High Definition TV Compatible) With HD Ready
Full HD: with Full HD
3D Technology: Technology With 3D