Panasonic PT-LZ370U


A video projector at an affordable price

Believe it or not, there are people on this planet who haven’t given up on using projectors. For whatever purpose. It’s refreshing to see that. As is the knowledge that well established companies are still manufacturing them. Panasonic keeps its customers connected to the best of the best in technology. With the PT-LZ370U they’ll no doubt attract even more attention. This product will be a soft spot for people who have to work on presentations and lectures. Doctors, students and business people in particular. Using it at home is also possible.

Up to 3,000 lumen

Panasonic PT-LZ370U is a recent video projector. The manufacturer behind it wanted to make a device which could be well-received by those consumers who are into projectors. Curiosity killed the cat, but ours became a series of tests. And they all returned good results that we made into a review. The appearance of this product is in no way different than what the PTAR100U released some time back. But take a step back from looks and inside the PT-LZ370U you’ll spot the essential differences.Panasonic-PT-LZ370U

The projector sports a 3,000 lumen LCD that is the epitome of greatness. The images it delivers are all, whatever the subject, of the best quality. The resolution is also part of that kind of performance. It’s higher in comparison to projectors made by the competition. Every image is high definition, so every detail appears in full clarity. Your classmates and colleagues will see your efforts without asking for a pair of glasses or a closer seat. The quality goes even further: content on Blu-ray can also be shown with this projector. Applications and images get all the special treatment they deserve. And that has to do with being faithful to color; and reproducing fine detail. We have yet to find a more impressive video projector than the PT-LZ370U. Every single color was shown in its full splendor and every detail was very easy to spot with the naked eye from quite a distance.

Good performance

The contrast ratio is powerful. That will help the projector in doing several things. At first the product will analyze brightness level; then, based on results, it will adjust the gamma curve, iris and power of the lamp. In the end, this Panasonic device makes all the others pale in comparison. Presentations looked great in our reviews and didn’t lack anything important. The technology the processor features is a total boost to the performance. In a room where the light is much too bright, the PT-LZ370U adjusts itself so that quality stays the same. We didn’t get bugged by artifacts during the tests we did. A feature without which the product would suffer makes you see whether black and white video levels get fluctuations. If they do, this feature takes care of them quickly.

Simulation mode

In the dark, this projector’s ability to render movies deserves a prize. If you’re a doctor, the PT-LZ370U has a Simulation mode; this addition enables you to look at X-ray images effortlessly.

If you’re using this product for the first time, we can guarantee that you’ll have zero problems with installation. And with putting it wherever you feel like. Saving energy is something that this device is very good at. If it detects that the owner isn’t using it, it will lower its power consumption and brightness.

Review conclusion

The Panasonic PT-LZ370U is a video projector that knows no limit. It lives up to people’s and the company’s expectations.

Technical specifications

LensManual zoom (1-2x), manual focus F 2.0-3.4, f 21.5-43.0 mm
Brightness3000 ANSI lumens
ResolutionHD (1920 x 1080)
No. of ColorsFull color
Contrast Ratio10000 : 1
Display TypeLCD; Transparent LCD panel
Aspect Ratio(s)16:9, 0
Image Size40-300 inches
Throw Distance3 – 57 feet