Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS20


A fast point and shoot camera

Panasonic and the cameras they’ve been making have been the object of affection for many generations of consumers. Newer generations that are just discovering the company’s products are in great hands still. Because Panasonic hasn’t sacrificed quality to other shallow things. So its Lumix DMC-ZS20 is a new point-and-shoot camera which will enter your heart and nestle there for quite a while. It comes with many fascinating stuff and its performance is great. This review will show you why we have these thoughts running around in our head.

3 inch touch screen

If one goes past the lens of the 3″ touch screen Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS20, one will discover that this camera features plenty of treasure that are one’s to discover. We counted, in our tests, shooting performance of very fast speed, low-light photo quality much better than on previous models and many other improvements. It still does not sport every control and shooting options out there; but what it does boast is more than enough for its kind.Panasonic-Lumix-DMC-ZS20

This device has a resolution of 14MP. But that will not mean the possibility to enlarge pics at their 100% and then crop them heavily. We tried that and got bad results. Like really, trust us. But, if you’re one of those consumers who want to view photos they take with this cam on their laptop, and they look at them at less than 100%, what they’ll get will look very satisfactory.

Full HD in movies

Every time we stood in a spot with really good light, this DMC-ZS20 snapped beautiful pictures. They had all the right dose of vivid colors, brightness, sharpness and details. But take it somewhere where the light is bad and you’ll be offered equally bad-looking photos.

As for ISOs, this camera is better than its past siblings. Up to ISO 800, everything still looks great. But once it hits this value and beyond, noise kicks in. Along with softness. So if you have to deal with small print sizes and screen, photos will look unsatisfactory.

The Lumix DMC-ZS20 has superb movie capabilities. The types of clips it can record is AVCHD and MP4 at 1080/60p and 1080/30p, respectively. The results were short movies with good color, smoothness, exposure and sharpness. What we thought of as a con: the fact that the zoom was noisy. So keep away from environments that are very quiet.

GPS technology included

Shutter speeds for this point-and-shoot is between 15 and 1/2,000 second. Apertures range from f3.3-8.0 wide to 6.3-8.0 telephoto. Shooting options are, as mentioned, many. Scene modes are 17 in total. Here, one which caught our attention was called Handheld Night Shot. This feature, though, gives great results if you use it on a stationary subject. The iA – intelligent Auto – option is a smart one: it allows the user to turn on HDR and HNS modes yourself. So it automatically uses them when there are low-light conditions, for example. The camera’s multiple burst shooting options guarantee great photos when you want to snap many moving subjects.

Performance includes many other pros. Like shutter lag, which is low: 0.3 second. In bright lighting. In dim lighting it is 0.6 second. Time needed from off to the very first shot: 1.5 second.

The product is also featured with a GPS system. Which needs about a couple of minutes to offer data for the location we were standing in.

Battery life was pretty bad. So it’s best to have an extra battery on you.

Review conclusion

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS20 is a point-and-shoot which we most definitely recommend.