Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ10


Affordable HD movies at a good price

If it comes to Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ10, therefore it definitely comes to making HD pictures, without spending lots of money on expensive DSLR cameras. In fact, the official price of DMC TZ10 is of only $247, price that can be afforded by most of us. However, for those hold up by a budget, on this camera can be bought at $228, therefore with about $20 cheaper.

GPS technology included

panasonic-dmc-tz10Even if DMC TZ10 is world wide known, the American Panasonic fans might know it as Panasonic ZS7. Basically, this camera brings a 12.1 mp resolution, a pair of 25-300 mm lens and a 14.5 CCD sensor.

An interesting feature of this camera is the fact that it has a built-in GPS system that saves in the EXIF data the coordinates of the place where a photo is taken, fact that makes a loot easier to manage the photos.

Intelligent Resolution function

Though, let’s get a bit into our review to see what’s under the “roof” of this camera.

First of all, Intelligent Resolution function can be used to digitally increase the zoom ratio to from 1x to16x without any loss in quality in the tests performed. Moreover, the camera comes equipped with an anti-shake system (that makes the pictures more stable), a Venus Engine VI processor and a capability of video recording HD at a resolution of 720 pixels. Speaking of recording, it is recommended to use a tripod, as the anti-shake system isn’t functional for this feature. As well, movies can be saved in 2 formats: AVCHD or Motion JPEG formats.

Good battery life

Basically, this kind of camera is meant to be used by families and it is perfect for long travels, as the battery (which is rechargeable) lasts long (up to 350 pictures) if it is not heavy used. Unfortunately, there is no RAW shooting, fact that might disappoint some photography lovers. However, the basic A, S and M shooting modes are more than enough, and seem to be better than its predecessor, the old Panasonic TZ7.

As well, this camera can be used even by rookies, as the Auto mode seems to set perfectly the settings in any situations. More than that, the Auto mode is inbuilt with a features that cuts off automatically the noise from every made, fact that is usually made with photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Picassa and so on.

High quality images

And finally, in case you were curious of the quality of the pictures, if the photos are made using ISO speeds that range between 100-400 (therefore normal conditions of brightness), the quality is extremely high, just like the photos made by DSLR cameras. If it comes to low light conditions, than an ISO speed of 800 is required; however, Panasonic DMC TZ10 isn’t designed to make pictures in places where the light lacks, therefore don’t expect too much from these pictures.

Review conclusion

As a conclusion of this review, Panasonic DMC TZ10 is one of the greatest family/travel compact cameras ever. Due to its reduced size, most of the users tend to choose this camera, and not its main competitor, the Fujifilm S5700, which is larger and bigger, therefore definitely not the choice of people looking forward to making space economy as much as possible.

Technical specifications

Sensor TypeCCD
Resolution Width in Pixel4000
Resolution Height in Pixel3000
Viewfinder TypeLCD Monitor
Memory TypeInternal and External
Optical Zoom12
Digital Zoom4
Depth in mm32.6
Height in mm59.6
Lowest Focal Length in mm25
Focal Length in mm300
Interchangeable lensNo
Screen Size3
Video CaptureVideo + Sound
Secure DigitalYes
Micro DriveNo
Compact FlashNo
Memory Stick / Memory Stick ProNo
Memory Stick Duo / Duo ProNo
Internal Memory size in MB15
Continuous shootingYes
Resolution in Pixel460000
Max Resolution Mode Video Width1280
Max Resolution Mode Video Height720
Ability to save files in RAWNo
Maximum Aperture Tele4.9
Maximum Aperture Wide3.3
Shutter Speed Fastest in Second1 / 2000
Shutter Speed slowest in Second60
Sensor Size1/2.33 ‘
Battery TypePanasonic DMW-BCG10
Image StabilizerOptical Stabilizer
DebuggingFace Detection
Shutter PriorityNo
Aperture PriorityNo
Number of frames per second in video mode30

  1. Jean at 3:02 am

    Are the photos compatible with Adobe photoshop and Adobe premier elements from this camera. If yes how are they imported into photoshop. My files say did not contain any supported file types.