Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ7


A mid range digital camera

Panasonic couldn’t keep itself away from the camera scene. And, since they couldn’t do that, then why not manufacture a new model? What resulted from their blood, sweat and tears was the Lumix DMC-SZ7. The mid-range category welcomed it with open arms. This small camera has all the right features and general performance. But it’s really small. Not in a Smurfs way, but still smaller than the other cameras in its category. That and more about the device are found in the following review.

Compact design

From our experience, the Panasonic Lumix series is made of cameras with definite visual appeal that can’t be denied. The DMC-SZ7 we tested didn’t fail to convey that impression. Even if the design is quite simple, its attractiveness is still there for everybody to admire. Only black is the color Panasonic chose for this version. But that’s OK, we don’t really see this camera as having any other color. The rounded corners made for ideal gripping with both hands; even with one. The compactness of the body is the best solution if you want a cam to easily play with and then put in a bag. It also helps a lot that dimensions are so small.Panasonic-Lumix-DMC-SZ7

We didn’t need to look too much for the most important buttons. They were all sitting within easy grasp. Three menus are sufficient for finding all of the settings needed to take a photo. Each of them reacted very fast when we were inside them. The settings, specs, options, modes and so on were plenty. More, in fact, than what we were used to with compact cams.

3D and Miniature modes

What we particularly couldn’t imagine this DMC-SZ7 without were the many modes. No manual mode, though, and that was a bummer. Unexpected, also. Almost all the cameras manufactured now have one. The most fun to use were the 3D and the Miniature modes. These could be counted upon to deliver 14.1 megapixel images; images in smaller sizes were also offered.

ISO reached, when we wanted to see, between 100-1600. The cam was able to choose itself what ISO it wanted. We stared at pics afterwards and we couldn’t see shakes. The Optical Image Stabilization feature was very efficient for that exact result. We couldn’t really get to have too much fun with picture effects, simply because there were too few of them.

Good quality optics

The wide angle on the Lumix DMC-SZ7 can’t be compared to the great one we’ve come to see from the likes of Samsung’s cams. It’s still good, though, all things considered. The screen is an LCD. It adjusted the backlight to compensate for those ambient light conditions it sensed, but it wasn’t enough to be used under the sun’s bright rays. The flash was also small, so there was no way to provide a healthy amount of light.

We’ve counted the ports on this camera in our tests. Yes, there were enough of them for even the pickiest user. We can’t say we weren’t prepared for this, but still: the battery wasn’t up to much life. That’s why small cameras with with big LCD displays don’t find many fans. Memory is as always not very generous.

Review conclusion

Here is where we conclude our review. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ7 does what it knows best and that’s quite a lot. You won’t have to fear it will embarrass you; it won’t, take our word for it. The price and the release date will be revealed sometime soon.

  1. Alexander at 2:29 pm

    14.1 megapixel and 10x optical zoom in such dimensions ? And at this price ? I think I will test it before, because I thing something is wrong. 🙂