Panasonic Lumix 101P


A smartphone and a camera in the same time ?

Technology has come a long way, we must say. Phone tablets, smartphones that an also talk, very high-tech cameras and more are available and at our disposal these days, while we want more and more. As combined technologies started out as the latest circulating fashion, we shouldn’t be surprised by the Panasonic Lumix 101P, representing a 13MP digital camera and a smartphone in the same time. Wow, right ? We was not able to obtain this gadget for a short test or review but we expect to do this thing in short time.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

This new device is absolutely amazing. Not only because it’s practically 2 in 1, but also because it performs well at both ends.
Panasonic Lumix 101P features Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a 4-inch gHD 960x 540 resolution display and to our surprise it sports a magnificent dual Core 1GHz TI TI OMAP4430 processor, not a single- core one. The OS comes with Lumix software which if you didn’t know it’s very smart, for example the Intelligent Auto. Above all these things it’s waterproof and incredibly thin, only 9.8mm. When you’ll see this handset on the shelf you won’t even think it has a camera on the back, that’s how well it hides it.Panasonic-Lumix-101p

A lot of features

The 1GHz processor offers support for wireless payments and the phone is also equipped with a microSD memory card slot, has GPS support and WiFi connectivity.
As a general observation, we are not even sure if it’s ok to call this gadget only a phone, because it’s both a phone and a camera, so it wouldn’t be fair either may. It’s more like a cameraphone, or a phonecamera. But in order to avoid lexicon issues, we’ll just call it by its name, Panasonic Lumix 101P.
The Japanese must be really happy to be the first to enjoy the usage of our review product. Speaking of this, the Lumix Phone 101P will come with support for some Japan-only deals, like digital tuner, infrared connection and e-wallet, which support cashless transactions.
We don’t have many details regarding the price of Lumix 101P, but looking at its specs and power, our guess is it won’t be too low. However, it should deserve it, also the fame that already runs among us.

13.2 MP camera

Panasonic Lumix 101P measures 123 x 64 x 9.8mm and weighs only 128g. The 13.2 MP camera on the back has a Mobile Venus Engine and a Xenon Flash.

We don’t know more about it, but the camera is very promising as it comes from Panasonic, the phone running Android 2.3 we already know it’s going to work just fine and it appears to be a very useful thing to have. It will save you a lot of space, in your bag on in your pockets, while delivering high quality services. Of course, SoftBank, Japan’s number 1 carrier impressed us again, not that we weren’t enough impressed by Sharp’s Aquos Phone 102SH or Dell’s STREAK PRO 101DL.
And as a distinguishing mark, for Japan, the two colors Panasonic Lumix 101P comes in are black and pink, of course.

The test and review ?

Panasonic didn’t make any announcements whether this phone/camera will be launched on other markets to, but we sure hope it will, because it’s a promising hit in the field.The test results and a professional review will be posted on our site very soon.

Technical specifications

* 13.2MP CMOS Lumix sensor with “Mobile Venus Engine”
* 4-inch QHD LCD screen with 960×540 resolution
* waterproof body (IPX5/7)
* Operating System: Android 2.3
* compatible with SoftBank’s “Ultra Speed” high-speed data communication service (max. 21Mbps)
* IEEE802.11b/g/n Wifi
* microSDHC card slot
* TI OMAP4430 dual-core CPU (1GHz)
* infrared connection
* e-wallet function
* Included digital TV tuner
* Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
* Networks: GSM, W-CDMA.
* external dimensions and weight: 64x123x9.8mm weight: 128g