Panasonic HC-V700M


A lot can be said about the camcorder we are going to review today. Its name is HC-V700M, it’s made by Panasonic and it costs $599.99. That “a lot” includes some very good specs and superb video quality, as shown in our tests about which you will read in the following paragraphs.

A new Full HD camcorder

Those specifications we mentioned earlier can be summed up like this: a 3-inch LCD display with 460k-dot of resolution, a 28-717.4mm focal range, a 21x optical zoom lens, up to f/1.8 aperture, a 1/2.33-inch MOS sensor, an 1.700mAh battery, 16GB of memory and a filter of 46 mm. The Panasonic HC-V700M is 9.6 ounces heavy and has 2.2″ x 2.7″ x 4.7″. Ports and inputs and everything else in between means 1 3.5mm microphone input, 1 mini HDMI, AV out and 1 mini USB. There is no Wi-Fi available. Luckily, the one miniHDMI port makes it possible for playing back content on a high definition TV set. Memory cards like SDXC, SDHC and so on are handled by this model’s card slot.

The screen has a menu navigation that gives great feedback. Brightness and sharpness are both awesome. Using our fingers on the display worked very well and we saw no lags. We even reviewed the display outside and we could see everything even under the brightest of suns. Exposure was accurate and colors were superb. When we returned inside, the quality of the content still looked swell. However, a slight con was given by the fact that we saw some yellowing at some point. But it was not catastrophic. Every scene had lots of details, no matter how low the light was inside. There was a complete lack, during our testing phase, of image noise.Panasonic-HC-V700M

Up to 10x optical zoom

This camcorder’s image stabilization feature worked like a charm. This translates into lack of severe blurring whenever we would pan across a scene or zoom in. Action looked smooth when we shot clips in 1080p at 60Hz. The V700M has a lens that is capable of opening at f/3.5 at its telephoto reach and also at the wide end. Which is always advisable on such a device. The quality of still image quality was not great.

If a user wants to shoot something which is situated in a crammed place, he or she can use this device’s wide angle lens. Because it features a zoom that is longer than the 10x reach used by other manufacturers for their cameras.

The kind of format used by this product is AVCHD. It does not employ other formats than this one. And it’s a considerable limitation since the user will have to convert the videos he or she will be shooting. That happens because the majority of editing programs don’t offer support for this type of format.

We didn’t experience a lot of frustrations with the audio delivered by the HC-V700M. Except those times we used this camcorder in our garden. There, the videos we captured featured all kinds of outside noises.

Review conclusion

If you want a camcorder that is able to put on a good show when it comes to video performance, we feel like Panasonic’s HC-V700M is a good option to consider. This product delivers even if the light is very bright or very poor. Its consistency is one of its greatest pros. But if you want more features, you are going to be better off with another camcorder.