Panasonic HC-V700


A Full HD camcorder

Panasonic and their super line of camcorders have always sparked attention. How could they have not, since products belonging there turned out good. The models which the company threw in a top-end category sold well. It’s now time to see how Panasonic’s HC-V700 fares in this competitive world of gadgets. To better observe the product, we set up a battery of tests and started subjecting the camcorder to them. All in the name of later doing a review around results and its specs. Dear readers, let us see what can be said about the device in question.

A single CMOS sensor

The HC-V700 is rather an alien in Panasonic’s top-end series. Because, instead of three small sensors, it concocts a single large one. There’s no flaw in this camcorder’s design as far as we are concerned. Its simplicity and elegance won us over. Nothing is too much in the device’s looks.Panasonic-HC-V700

The one and only sensor featured by the HC-V700 is called CMOS. That doesn’t stop it from being extra large than is the norm for such a feature. Rivals to consumers’ attention offer the same thing in their high-end camcorders. The dimension of this much talked about sensor is 1/2.33in; there are 15.3MP, but the device gets to use just 3.55MP when she or he wants to shoot videos or take stills.

AVCHD 2.0 technology

The CMOS is also endowed with backside illumination. This, our friends, meant, during testing, the addition of some kick-ass enhancement in overall performance. Don’t panic: if you think a large sensor automatically means that the optical zoom’s size is smaller, think again. The HC-V700 has plenty of space to store a long one. Namely a 26x telephoto. This feature is joined by its best friend, an iZoom. Their relationship is so good, that the latter makes the telephoto’s value expand till it reaches 46x. If you compare that to a digital zoom, don’t. It is nowhere near that. That’s because there’s no lost resolution and no blown video signal. The optical zoom makes very good use of the excess of available pixels and does in frame cropping. A really great pro for thus camcorder.

All of the videos we shot with Panasonic’s latest entry was done in an AVCHD 2.0 format. It’s a new one. Due to it, data rates achieve a maximum value of 28Mbits/sec. Full high definition runs at 50 progressive fps.

Hybrid OIS stabilization

If you’re looking for a camcorder with integrated memory, this one isn’t your ideal model. An SDXC card slot is used instead of that. So that’s a bit of a con. According to our measurements for tests, 5 minutes of footage could be stored per gigabyte. If you want to record something in 3D, it’s best to buy one optical lens adapter.

Calibration didn’t need as much manual adjustment as we needed to do on older camcorder made by Panasonic. Stabilization of images is vastly superior on this version. Hybrid OIS delivers a lot of smoothing especially when we had to zoom in then out. Telephoto work done with one hand was superb.

If you look closely, you’ll see that there is no lens ring on this device. Major con. Manual control may be at the same level, however it’s not easy to access.

Menus which you can navigate on the handsome display are very easy to understand and use. Touch controls work well.

Review conclusion

The Panasonic HC-V700 delivers videos with awesome details and beautiful colors compared with other reviewed camcorders. Clarity is provided when the user records stuff by holding the device in one hand. You’ll be owning a product full of class and quality.

  1. Tomasino at 2:07 pm

    The optical stabilization works very well, even the 3D mode is activated. The colors provided are good. Overall, I am happy with my camcorder ! Thank you for this review ! You should add a rating on your site, too !

  2. Mick at 7:24 pm

    If the sensor has 15.3 mp but only 3.55 mp are used, does that mean the effective sensor area is less than advertised?