Panasonic DMP-BDT210


A blu-ray player with Wi-Fi

A Blu-ray player that can satisfy any kind of consumer wish is kind of hard to track down. Even so, many of the world’s most renowned manufacturers have come close to obtaining just that. Panasonic joins their ranks with this DMP-BDT210. And it impresses many blogs specialized on gadgets. We must admit, it also got to us with its many pros, albeit some cons of its own. But they were decidedly fewer than the great points. We will stop here with the praise and start our usual review that is based on tests.

Glossy design

To really make an impression with a Blu-ray, you as a company have to work hard. Observe the trends and listen to consumers’ wishes. Or you can become resolute and untrustworthy if you don’t do that. What you see today in shops in terms of Blu-rays are devices with all the most important and standard features. They bring nothing really new. And the Panasonic DMP-BDT210 is the same. But that doesn’t mean it’s not great on its own. Everything it does, it does in a superb way.Panasonic-DMP-BDT210

A Blu-ray, in general, isn’t about looks. It’s more of a “check out my performance” than anything else. So the exterior of this one won’t leave a footprint on your mind for future reference. The front is bathed in a glossy material. We really hope the near future will mean a return to matte finish that does not attract fingerprints anymore. And now for something of a novelty: pushing the button for Eject makes the front panel flip down. That is how the device gets to have a seamless look. However, it will look ugly when there’s a USB drive in the port.

Netflix and Cast Viera access

A disc sensor that is hands-free is a great design detail. Once we activated this feature, we then waved our right hand over the product’s top. That prompted the disc tray to open. That should come in handy when you sit in a dark room. If you don’t want to use it, you can disable it at any time.

The remote that controls the DMP-BDT210 is among the top remote controls we’ve used up until now. Buttons are excellent. Netflix and Cast Viera can be accessed via separate keys. If you have an iPhone, the better: it can also control this Blu-ray. The con: no keyboard could input text in streaming services.

UI is simple and not of the usual conventional kind. Thins moved faster, because the user interface doesn’t require as many pushes of a button as on other devices like this one.

Without on-board memory

In the beginning of our review we said this product had standard features. Other than those, the DMP-BDT210 But no on-board memory is possible. To obtain that, insert an SD card. DLNA-compatibility is featured. There are only a couple of streaming-media services. Amazon Instant being one of them. And we loved it at first sight.

Disc-loading speed is seriously fast. Navigation through movies is, though, this Blu-ray’s weakest point. And it will not always deliver the best image quality. But what matters is that the product passed all of the program material tests we submitted it through.

Review conclusion

Panasonic did well when it designed this tool. The DMP-BDT210 was the one Blu-ray that instantly became a favorite. Major pros for it: disc-loading speeds that were beyond great, a straightforward UI, integrated Wi-Fi and Amazon Instant Streaming.