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Philips 40PFL7705DV/F7


All those consumers who have high performance on their minds when it comes to a product of whatever nature should do well and try some of Philips’ creations. The company released a new device, called 40PFL7705DV/F7. All the testing we did on this model turned out fabulous results. Which we are going to describe in this review. So come and lend your eyes to it.

The Philips 40PFL7705DV/F7 is a good-looking beast. If we take the stand it comes with into account, this device measures 25.63″ x 38.19″ x 10.94″. The weight of the whole product is 38.36 pounds.

120Hz panel frequency

After proceeding to turning this TV on with its remote control, we set it up. It didn’t take long to do that. After everything was in order, we started the navigation. Which went smoothly. The 40″ display has a total of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Thanks to this, scan pictures did not feature flickers in tests. And the signal quality was much improved. To the general superb image quality also contributed the TV’s 120Hz processing. After it was set into motion, the device delivered excellent images with plenty of sharpness. Another great offering is something going by the name of Double Frame Rate Insertion. This is an option that makes the sharpness of motion reproduction double in quantity. So that if the user is watching an action film, she or he is not bothered by judder and other unpleasant flaws.Philips-40PFL7705DV-F7

The kind of Interner access you get with this TV is not bound by limits. Because the 40PFL7705DV/F7 can turn into a PC monitor. Sending various content to your friends via this device is a piece of cake. All we needed for that was our very own Wi-Fi home network and the TV’s MediaConnect feature. We could send practically anything we wanted that was saved on our personal laptop.

Thanks to the special technology that Philips uses on its TVs when it comes to sound, this model also delivers some of the best quality ever, compared with all HDTVs recently reviews. The SRS TruSurround feature greatly contributes to that. The integrated speakers are capable of superb quality in the dialog, bass and other important areas.

Vudu and Netflix access

People concerned of the way gadgets influence the environment’s well-being should rest assured while using this TV. Its Energy Star label is a sign that it consumes less energy than its counterparts. Which in actual fact meant under 1W when it was in standby. It consumed only 155W when we used it.

Watching content in a wireless fashion is something that gadgets made these days are able to offer. This HDTV can also do this. So we watched movies, looked at pics and so on thanks to the set’s MediaConnect and Philips NetTV features. The programs that we could access were the following: Netflix, Blockbuster, Vudu and many more.

The 40PFL7705DV/F7 is Philip’s attempt at offering the user a watching experience that won’t be easily forgotten. And they manage to do that with the aid of a Perfect Pixel HD Engine. This plays the role of a tool that is capable of enhancing each and every single pixel in a pic. That way the images will develop natural qualities that will look very good. This was proven by the excellent natural motion, colors, sharpness and contrast.

Review conclusion

But this TV has another great technology: it’s called Perfect Natural Motion. The latter can correct judder and give an estimate of picture motion. The Philips 40PFL7705DV/F7 should be bought by any consumer hungry for excellence.


Lenovo ThinkPad 1838-25U


Many people are thinking of getting a digital sketchbook. But since there is no such dedicated gadget, they turn to the next best thing to replace it: a tablet. The $429.18 Lenovo ThinkPad 1838-25U makes for a nice digital sketchbook overall. It’s not the world’s greatest device, but it’s not the worst we’ve ever come across. And you’ll see that if you read our review.

In terms of specs, the ThinkPad 1838-25U created by Lenovo boasts 1GB of RAM, 32GBs of internal storage, a 10.1″ touchscreen, an Android 3.1 operating system and a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. 12.5″ x 9.6″ x 4.5″ and 1.6 pounds are this tablet’s dimensions and total weight. The latter is no problem if you want to carry this gadget with you everywhere.

Responsive touchscreen

We would have preferred to see no unnecessary additions on this model. Alas, we did. Some examples: a network printing applications and handwritten notes. The onscreen keyboard is a far better option, even one-handed. And we couldn’t get them out of the system. Which is a downright con. But you’ll have to live with them, eventually. Like we did.

The touchscreen is great. First of all, it’s got that large size that is excellent for painting, sketching and so on. It is really responsive and it also offers a pen that is sensitive to pressure. This pen has a very important pro for us: it can go from being multitouch to having a pen interface.Lenovo-ThinkPad-1838-25U

Battery life is very good in the benchmarks performed with the tablet. Besides the fact that it will take a while to recharge the battery, the latter offers over 8 hours of activity. Which is the most important thing.

We had to deal with many crashes while testing the ThinkPad 1838-25U. But this did not last more than a couple of minutes. A couple of apps suffered from forced closes and we couldn’t do anything about that.

Extra storage via SC card

Thanks to the included thumb drive option, we were able to make storage expand. Also, the full size SD card was a great possibility of adding extra storage. The tablet’s full-size USB jack does not provide support for portable hard drives. It support the following, though: keyboards, mice and thumb drives.

Consider grabbing a pair of headphones or ear buds from your local store, because this tablet’s speaker doesn’t deliver. Sound quality is obnoxiously of low quality.

After looking at the Lenovo ThinkPad 1838-25U attentively in our tests, we noticed that it had some cons which were rather disconcerting. We spotted the fact that pressing the wrong button thinking you got the right one happened quite a lot of times to become annoying and tiresome. Specifically when you are in a hurry and need to look for something on the Internet while instead opening a Word document. Another reason to become discontent was about the tablet’s system stability when we reviewed it. Jabbing at the Power key doesn’t open the device that quickly. We had to wait to get anywhere. Moreover, the hardware keys were another issue on our plate of frustrations. Then we stumbled upon the keys belonging to the onscreen keyboard itself. The majority of them were really hard to get to work. We found ourselves having to exercise pressure and press them along the edge that was the nearest to the display.

Review conclusion

The Lenovo ThinkPad 1838-25U is not necessarily a bad tablet. But the cons that it delivers while used will become hard to stomach at some point. So consider another tablet.


Toshiba Excite AT305T64


To be bought in large numbers, a new tablet model has to have three essential factors of superior quality: design, performance when we reviewed it and impressive specs. The price, too, is an important factor to take into consideration. Toshiba’s Excite AT305T64 is among the gadgets that will impress from the first look and use.

The specs that this Excite AT305T64 runs with are as follows: a 10.1″ touchscreen, an Android 4.0 OS, 1280 x 800 pixels of resolution, a 16:10 aspect ratio, an Nvidia Tegra 3 mobile CPU complete with Super 4-PLUS-1 quad-core with 5th battery-saver core, 1 GB internal DDR3L-1333 memory, 64 GB internal flash memory, a 2MP front cam with a mic (for video chats) and a second cam with 5MP (on the back, it includes auto-focus, LED flash, full HD 1080p video capture and digital zoom). All of these sit in a body that weighs 1.32 pounds and measures 10.3″ x 7.0″ x 0.35″.

Powerful battery

The touchscreen is an AutoBrite multi-touch LED-backlit one. These make it a great reading tool, among other things. Also, colors and contrast are the best. Scratches and other unwanted blemishes are avoided thanks to the display’s Corning Gorilla Glass protection. Each and every single touch action we did on it resulted in lightning fast response.

The sound delivered in our tests was superb. We didn’t need a pair of headphones. The amount of hours you are offered by the tablet’s battery is 10.Toshiba-Excite-AT305T64

The one heck of a processor used by the Excite AT305T64 places high on our list of favorite CPUs. What made us choose it was its great speed in the benchmarks performed for this review. We were able to perform all sorts of tasks and the tablet did not freeze as a consequence. This processor includes a fifth low-power core. The latter has a super pro: it saves energy while the user works with applications.

The ports and various other connectivity options can be summed up by the following list: one microHDMI, one microUSB 2.0, one full-sized SD memory card slot, one 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and one docking connector.

Android 4.0 ICS OS

The latest Toshiba tablet has a 5-megapixel camera that offers the possibility to shoot clips and snaps pics for later use. They all delivered great quality for a tablet cam. A second camera is found on the front. This one is a 2MP one. With its help, the user can organize a video conference. Its mic takes care of annoying background noise. Image quality is great.

To connect to the World Wide Web, the Excite AT305T64 sports Wireless-N WiFi and Bluetooth.

The operating system, Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, offers a very enjoyable experience. Google Play helped us find our way around various eBooks, games, tunes and so on. This OS includes every single item in Google’s Mobile Service apps. There is Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps among others. Doing several things at the same time is no problem for this operating system.

The features that Toshiba wanted to have on this model are GPS, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and an e-compass. They are the tools you are going to need if you don’t want to get lost at some point. Photo tagging, map apps and everything else in between is very easy to do with this tablet.

Review conclusion

You can even tilt it to watch content in a superior way. The gadget allows both landscape and portrait tilting. The Toshiba Excite AT305T64 is a tablet that will stand the test of time.


Dell Inspiron 17R (17RN-3530DBK)


The $879.99 Dell Inspiron 17R (17RN-3530DBK) is not a laptop that will make it big from now on. But the job it does is still a good one nonetheless. And our review will show you that.

Right, then let’s see what specs the Dell Inspiron has. There’s a 17.3″ screen, 6GB of RAM, an SATA Hard Drive with a 5,400rpm speed and 500GB, 1600 x 900 pixels, an Nvidia GeForce GT 525M GPU, 1GB of video memory, a BD-R DL/DVDRW DL optical drive, Windows 7 Home Premium (the 64-bit version) as an OS and a 2.3GHz Intel Core i5-2410M processor. Ports and other connectivity options are represented by the following: 4 USB, one HDMI, one USB 3.0, one Ethernet, one VGA, one mic jack, one headphone jack, USB/eSATA and one 8-1 card reader. As for weight and dimensions, here they are: 7.2 pounds and 16.5″ x 11.3″ x 1.2-1.3″. Internet connectivity options are WiDi 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11n Wi-Fi and a 4G WiMAX broadband.

Resolution limited to 720p

Nothing’s changed much on the front of looks. This laptop is also prone to getting dirty with fingerprints. Minus this con, we appreciated its elegant design. And the same also happened with this laptop’s keyboard when we used it to write stuff. Its buttons, though, are well-spaced and reply fast. The touchpad is of the same quality.Dell-Inspiron-17R

The Inspiron 17R has a processor that is powerful enough to make navigation and everything else in between happen fast. Performance was not plagued by lags or other annoying faults.

The screen of the Inspiron 17R comes with a webcam of 1MP. Image quality was pretty good when we talked to some friends. And the SRS speakers inside the display did not have such a great bass quality. However, on the whole sound quality was not a con.

The dimension and amount of pixels in the screen are not capable of showing movies using the high definition option. That was the reason why we could only watch content in 720p. But that content had good brightness levels, decent viewing angles and also god colors.

Good benchmarking results

Even on this model you won’t be able to escape from the addition of bloatware. But then you have that hard drive which is a good option for adding various data storage on it and access it whenever you feel like.

We compared the on-board battery with others. And we saw that it wasn’t as superb as others. The 4 hours and a half are not enough for more challenging tasks.

Dell’s latest 17RN-3530DBK laptop should have packed a better graphics unit. Because this one is not Intel’s best to date. That showed in our tests, when we did tasks that required intensive power from the GPU. And also when we played demanding games. But when we kept it simple, we got the best out of this graphics processor. Using a low resolution plan did not make things better. Instead, the laptop succeeded to produce a low fps in certain games. If you are desperate for a good gaming laptop, this model will only disappoint you.

An area where the 17RN-3530DBK produced a lot of pros was multimedia performance. All the activities we made it do scored very good figures. The Handbrake review, for example, was done in 1 minute and 35 seconds. Then we performed a Photoshop CS5 test. This one required only 3 minutes and 30 seconds to be done. These values are better than what the competition is able to offer.

Review conclusion

The Dell 17RN-3530DBK may not be the best laptop in its category. However, it does provide many nice surprises.


LG 47LD950


There are a whole lot of products that will cause, or already have, plenty of raised eyebrows. That is because they are not quite sure what they want to deliver to consumers. So they include all sorts of features and so on to make up for a not so great performance. As is the case with the LG 47LD950 TV set. Which we reviewed to see if it’s worth the money and interest or not.

As it was, this LG 47LD950 impressed us by bringing forth some really good specifications. That we will add here: a 47″ display packed with 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution, 500 cd/m2 of brightness, an enhanced 200 Hz refresh rate, 150,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio and a DVB-T (MPEG4) digital tuner. The dimensions of this TV are 790 mm x 1173 mm x 337 mm. The 47LD950 weighs 20.80 kg. In the box it comes with we discovered the following content: 4 pairs of passive glasses and a user’s manual. The features that we could test were these: a media player, Dolby Digital, Sleep Timer and so on.

No crosstalk noise

The LG 47LD950 does not share the same philosophy as other TVs in its are. That’s because the company decided to just make it more retro, meaning it has a passive/side character.

One VGA port, one component video, 1 DVI port, a digital audio output, one composite video and a headphone jack are the connectivity options LG inserted on its latest TV set.

Watching content that uses 3D technology is an enjoyable experience. Blu-ray movies in particular looked good and had no crosstalk noise to bother us during tests. That also happened when we played games. But the problem was: we had no possibility to watch 3D content in full high definition quality.LG-47LD950

When we switched to 2D, image quality was good. Minus a clouding when there were scenes with dark in them, we saw that this TV acted remarkably on the whole. It definitely did a great job in motion handling. And the colors provided were all natural-looking. The sound that was delivered by the speakers was, however, poor by comparison. Sure, it could have been worse, but still, this is a big company we are talking about.

Good images at HD resolution

Generally, though, performance was great in HD, when we reviewed the TV characteristics. We played a Blu-ray film and we loved how this TV handled it. Sharpness was superb, as was texture. The product’s 200Hz engine is an addition that makes performance all the worthwhile. The type of backlighting is a CCFL one. But the quality of standard definition content is not ideal. We spotted a lot of noises and also plenty of mushiness to distract us in the majority of the time spent watching something.

The 47LD950 can easily play It can play MP3 audio files, JPEG photos and also DivX HD videos once you connect a gadget using an USB storage.

There were a couple of cons. The absence of a LAN jack was among them. Because it translated into an impossibility to work with the company’s NetCast online service. An important feature that is missing from the list is a Freeview HD tuner. Many other TV sets have it.

Review conclusion

The LG 47LD950 doesn’t quite rise up to what was expected of it before its launch. So it’s not really such a good thing to own it if you are a picky consumer.


Sharp LC80LE844U


We felt like we hadn’t reviewed a TV for a long time. So we set our eyes on Sharp’s LC80LE844U. That resulted in us wanting to see how it would fare in a couple of tests. What follows below is what happened during them.

The Sharp LC80LE844U comes in an all-black color. The size of the display is 80″. This is a 16:9 panel with a 4ms response time. Weight is 134 pounds. There is also a 240Hz AutoMotion. The depth of the panel is 2.5″. Features are plenty: full array local dimming, a remote control, active shutter 3D active technology, Ultra Brilliant LED backlighting and many more. You get no 3D glasses with this version. Once accessing 3D there is an option to give the TV a 3D Brightness boost should you want that option. If you get yourself a pair of 3D glasses separately, then the images you will see with them might not be to your heart’s content. They weren’t to ours, due to the judder, darkness and other unfortunate cons we spotted. Crosstalk, fortunately, was never a problem.

Limited settings

The keys on the TV’s remote were all much too tiny for us to like them. Mainly because during our testing we had to deal with a slow navigation.Sharp-LC80LE844U

Some of the modes that the LC80LE844U sports are quite good. The one called User is employed so as to make sure that the temperature of colors was the best one. And it was, because it offered both depth and light to what we watched on the screen. The de-judder mode worked better when we turned it off while watching movies that included a lot of fast-paced scenes. However, if you turn this mode on, sports will be delivered in a very smooth manner. The Standard mode should also be turned off during films. If it is on, then you will notice some not so great colors. For us they looked too over saturated. Not to mention that this mode only works well with the Advanced Film Mode on. The Auto mode equals the conversion of content into an advanced Film Mode. This option does not feature the possibility to have settings adjusted to your watching habits. This mode also does not work with the likes of Active Contrast and Contrast. Not even with Black Level does it function as it should. This is why it is better not to use the Auto mode that much.

Unnatural colors provided

Finally, a mode called Movie is ideal for when the user feels like calibrating the Sharp LC80LE844U. The Movie option is made to deliver a 10 point white balance adjustment. Compared to this, the User Picture Mode comes with just a 2 point WB adjustment possibility.

Viewing angles on this TV set were generally alright. We didn’t run into major issues with them.

The con that struck as the most was how this device could not show a better rendition when it came to colors. A calibration will result in greenish images. And every color is going to have an unnatural way of looking.

But wow, we were downright annoyed with the amount of ads we saw when we were playing around with this TV. There were so many of them that it wasn’t even funny anymore.

Review conclusion

Still, the Sharp LC80LE844U will function like a good thin monitor that it is. None of the cons we saw was enough to make us think badly about it.


Samsung UN75ES9000


Another TV set we wished to try out is Samsung’s UN75ES9000. This is a product which truly rises up to expectations. And by reading our review you will see what we mean.

In the next paragraph we will tackle this TV’s spec list. The UN75ES9000 has the following: a 75″ screen, a 240 Hz screen refresh rate, 1920 x 1080 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Features include Picture In Picture, Wi-Fi, active 3D, Smart TV, Smart Hub, facial recognition, voice and hand control and plenty others. The latter two features sparked the most interest in us during tests. But even if you get all sorts of cool ones, the truth of the matter is that these features are not the easiest ones to play with. If you want to play a game online or just watch a movie, you can use the device’s full web browser. When we used it, it didn’t lag.

Extra slim external design

The design of this TV set is hard to forget. Its body is painted silver chrome. The depth makes this device extra slim. The UN75ES9000 sits on a stand that offers plenty of stability.

To turn the UN55ES8000 on, just say “Hi TV” and it will spring to life. Another way to turn it on is its facial recognition feature. A third option is to do a hand wave in front of it. Once it springs to life, it shows nice colors. They need some punch, though.Samsung-UN75ES9000

The coat screen of this device is clear. Which signifies superb contrast. If a movie has a lot of scenes that are bathed in sunlight, the display will show them in all their splendor without burning your eyes in the process. The LED backlight also is to thank for this effect.

QWERTY keyboard

Brightness levels are all beyond expectations. The way the screen displays content in 3D is also remarkable. We saw absolutely no problems with uniformity, 3D viewing or any other of the blights damaging picture quality on other TVs. The screen is also the largest we have tested so far. This and the fact that it ships with a remote control that has seen improvements further make the UN75ES9000 a lovely TV. It’s worth to mention here that this remote control sports a new TV search function along with a QWERTY keyboard. The levels of black were downright splendid.

This Samsung device packs Wi-Fi among its offerings. So that if the user wishes to browse the World Wide Web, he or she can do so without any problem at all. Once we were connected, we could access the device’s Smart TV Internet feature. As mentioned, there is also a web browser that offers a very good performance. You can check your Twitter and Facebook statuses, read something and so on.

The 3D glasses that Samsung also sells deliver one of the best viewing experiences, compared with similar HDTVs, recently reviewed. Their biggest advantage is that the user’s eyes will not get tired while watching content for long. The company’s SSG-3300GR model 3D glasses pack both comfort and lightness in the deal. The usual blurring and crosstalk that was found on previous models are not on these versions. Which is a great relief. You are offered 4 pairs of these glasses.

Review conclusion

The $10,000 Samsung UN75ES9000 (yup, it costs a lot of money) is a TV that should grace the houses of everybody who wants a quality product.


ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED


Who wants to read a review about a monitor we just stumbled upon? All of our readers? Good, then today we are going to introduce the $300 ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED to our readers. According to the company who created this device, it comes with all sorts of visual and performance delicacies. Since we are not ones to believe something – especially about a new product – just like that, we set on the quest of testing this model on our own. And then publish the results of our adventure here. And so, without babbling anymore, let us see if this product is actually what it’s made into by clever advertisers.

We are starting this review with a mention about the specs we found on the ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED. Which look good. Whoever buys this monitor will also get the following included: a 27″ widescreen LED, a response time of only 3 ms, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels for its resolution, a 10M:1 MEGA dynamic contrast ratio, integrated SRS Premium Sound speakers and built-in power. Apart from these, we did not really see any really important ones worthy of a mention. But even if they do not look like much, they are actually indispensable if you want a performance that isn’t the usual poor one.

A 27 inch Eco monitor

The ports, inputs, jacks and other such options for connectivity matters depend on the following list that includes the likes of HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs. Also in the bargain you get HDCP support for your needs.

The ViewSonic created its VX2703mh-LED so as to provide consumers with a monitor that wouldn’t consume a lot of energy. So that we wouldn’t pollute the environment as much as we do with other monitors. To that avail, the manufacturer integrated this model with an Eco mode. Once turned on, it helps the monitor achieve a 40% in energy saving. That is a very good value for such a device.ViewSonic-VX2703mh

The screen of this device, a 27″ one in case you forgot, comes with a bezel that is way thinner than others in the same category. It was a very enjoyably view looking at this kind of screen. This thinness made it a great addition to both our working and our living space alike. In fact, this monitor is able to find a nice spot in any type of room and look good while at it.

Mercury-free panel

The warranty that ViewSonic included in the package is three years. But it is a limited one. However, there is a policy called pixel performance. This means that the company promises to deliver the best visual performance ever. Which did happen throughout the duration of our battery of tests.

Not only is this VX2703mh-LED among the best monitors to be used in either an office or at home, it is also really great if you only want to use the Internet. And that is because it sports a wide array of video inputs for your entertainment.

No product is complete without having some or many more features to boast about. This model fits in the latter category. But we won’t write about all of its features. Instead, we will mention those features that we found especially good. The mercury-free display, the possibility to mount the monitor on a wall and the automatic aspect ratio adjustment were the most important in our agenda.

Review conclusion

ViewSonic and its VX2703mh-LED makes for a really nice monitor that will capture many hearts.


Toshiba Portege Z930-10Q


When we turned our attention to the laptop universe, there was one model in particular that caught our attention: Toshiba’s £1,300 Portege Z930-10Q. But mostly for how slim it was. Because its other offerings didn’t really sparked our imagination. And now we will tell you why in the review below.

The Portege Z930-10Q has quite an array of specs waiting to be discovered. In our tests we found the following: a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels on a 13.3″ display, a 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (capable to turn into a 2.3GHz one), a HD 4000 GPU, 6GB of internal memory and the usual battery.

Multiple connectivity options

Internet connectivity is delivered with the help of either Bluetooth 4, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, a slot for a 3G SIM, support for UMTS up to HSUPA at 5.76Mbits/sec and 802.11a for corporate locations. This laptop is among the few whose coating does not bring about reflections. We considered the touchpad to be one of the device’s pros. However, only pinch-to-zoom is available. The typing we did on the laptop’s keyboard was thoroughly enjoyable.

While most of the laptop we have tested came with an optical drive, this model lacks this addition. If a consumer wants to just have a complex software on this laptop, she or he will not be able to do it. But you do get an SDXC-compatible memory card slot, which is really needed.Toshiba-Portege-Z930-10Q

Considering the slimness of its body, the Portege Z930-10Q features many connectivity options. Like one full-sized HDMI port, one VGA, individual headphone and microphone mini-jacks, USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports and several Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Good graphics performance

In the battery analysis we did on this laptop review, the built-in battery did not offer more than 8 hours. But that was possible because we did not do a lot of things on this laptop. When we did, though, the battery lasted some 4 hours. It’s a good score, still, but not as great as other products. Alas, we noticed that if we worked only with the World Wide Web and some Word documents, this model did not die on us that quickly. In the tests we did, the battery delivered a score of 109 minutes in the load battery task. This result did not make us go and dance with glee. That made us take another approach. One which implied choosing the laptop’s eco mode. Then we took the load battery analysis again. This time, the score was better: 127 minutes. So remember to choose that mode rather than the balanced one.

The graphics unit was a revelation. It performed very well when we used it on various games and whatnot. The type of processor the Portege Z930-10Q uses definitely plays the main role in the good speed with which this model works. Our standard Cinebench R11.5 rendering benchmark delivered the impressive score of 2.44. These results we mentioned translate into a laptop that is going to fare well no matter the activities you do on it, but they will have to be lighter than usual.

Review conclusion

Toshiba is not one to disappoint every time they release something new. But their Portege Z930-10Q is not quite what we expected from the company. The price might scare some customers away, for one. But keeping things into perspective, this laptop succeeds into giving a good performance. Now if only that battery would last longer.


Vizio CA27-A1


From what we know and tested ourselves, Vizio has never produced a desktop PC so far. But here they are now with the spunky new $1,149 CA27-A1. It is made of many nice things, but also some cons. Without telling you more in this short prologue, we will proceed with our review that will disclose our feelings on this device. They are all based, as usual, on first-hand experience. Enjoy.

A new 27 inch All In one Desktop PC

From a quick glance at the specs that ship with the CA27-A1, we gathered the following: there is a 27″ display, a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i3 processor, 1920 x 1080 pixels, an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card, 4GB of RAM, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium as OS and a storage capacity made of 1000GB.

Options to connect this device to others exist here, too. The user can opt between the following: 4 USB 3.0 ports, a pair of HDMI ports, one SD Card reader and one eSATA port. But the lack of a generous amount of USB ports is not going to be appreciated by all of you. But those 2 HDMI ports makes it worth the while. With their help we were lucky enough to connect two additional products: a game console and a cable box.

As soon as we took this device out to review it, we saw a remote control. Without it, you are pretty much lost, so keep it close at any time. And if you don’t like its buttons’ shallowness, opt for another desktop PC. As it is, this remote works well. It is able to easily allow for switching between things like power, video input source and so on. We cannot even begin to say how much we disliked the touchpad. Out of all the ones we’ve tested, this one was the one with most lagging.Vizio-CA27-A1

Without Blu-Ray and DVD player

The thinness of the desktop’s base unit is due to the fact that the power supply was placed with the device’s external subwoofer. Because of that, we had to always keep the subwoofer connected to a computer. If you don’t mind some jitter now and then because of tilting the product’s screen, then it’s OK. If not, then you always have other alternatives for a desktop PC.

The CA27-A1 completely lacks both a Blu-ray player and a DVD player. So we had to grab a dedicated player from the nearest store. These two can also be replaced by a connected game console or an external PC optical drive.

By getting yourself this model, you are going to have to buy either a Bluetooth or a USB pair of speakers. This is due to the poor sound quality delivered by this unit’s subwoofer. The major problem was with both high and low tones. In each of the cases, sound had the habit of losing the right fidelity.

The processor could not handle complex tasks. By way of illustration: all of the tasks we used on it offered bad results. That included things like processing of iTunes MP3.

Review conclusion

Vizio did not really hit the jackpot when they decided to unleash their CA27-A1 on us. The cons outweigh the pros on this model. If you are one for trying out an affordable all-in-one device, then you will be satisfied with this one. However, if you are the type of customer bent on a device with a great performance, then avoid the CA27-A1.