Outlook Express 2010 review


A new email client software from Microsoft

Microsoft’s latest version of Outlook Express 2010 has received both praise and negative comments since its official launch. We wanted to see for ourselves whether it was effective or not, so we took it for a spin. Here comes our test and review.

It works with Windows 98…

To start off, the program supports Windows 98, 2000, XP, ME, NT and 3. And now here are the steps we had to follow in order to set up an Outlook Express e-mail account. First, we had to know our e-mail address, the type of e-mail server we use (the program supports POP3, IMAP and HTTP), the name of the incoming e-mail server, the name of the outgoing e-mail server (in the case of POP3 and IMAP), the account name and, finally, the password. Outlook-Express-2010

The configuration

As a second step, we simply opened Outlook¬† 2011 and clicked Accounts (you’ll find it on the Tools menu). Thirdly, we selected the Add option, clicked it, selected the Mail one and clicked that one as well; this opened the Internet Connection Wizard. The fourth step: we typed our name (you can also choose a nickname and enter it there) on the Your Name page of the aforementioned Wizard; after that we clicked Next. Fifth step: we typed our e-mail address in the Internet Explorer Address page and then clicked Next. Sixth step: we had to fill in, on the E-mail Server Names page, the information gathered from our ISP in the first step; we then clicked Next. Seventh step: we typed our account name and password on the Internet Mail Logon page. Final step: we clicked Next, then Finish.

Easy to use

Using the actual e-mail program after completing the above steps was very easy and fun; the new Outlook Express 2010 managed to protect both our security and privacy. The features it came with were very nice and useful. We could write personalized text with fun stationery, browse through received e-mails quickly, use the Address Book to store and retrieve e-mail addresses, download newsgroup messages which we then read offline, keep e-mail on a server to read it from more than our computer and manage multiple newsgroup and e-mail accounts. When we tested the Outlook 2010 for our review we also noticed that it protected our privacy thanks to its ability to automatically block remote image downloads. On the downside, this e-mail program had no integrated spam filter.

Review conclusions

After this test and review we can conclude that while there are other better e-mail programs out there, the new Outlook Express 2010 is a good choice for beginners.

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