Origin EON17-S


The $3,499 Origin EON17-S is the next item on our list of already tested gadgets. This laptop may cost quite a lot, but you will get your money’s worth (though not all of it) if you buy it.

A 17-inch new laptop

The EON17-S fine tuned by Origin has a 17.3″ display with full high definition attributes, a 3W subwoofer, a 1TB hard drive, 2 120GB solid-state drives, 16GB of system RAM, an Intel Core 3.10GHz i7-3920XM Extreme Edition processor and a pair of SSD.

In the looks department, this laptop comes in either black, silver or red. On the whole, this model looks like what Alienware would produce. Its 11 pounds make this laptop quite heavy to hold. The keyboard has plenty of space between its buttons. It is one that offers backlighting, so if you decide to work in the dark, you will not miss hitting the right keys. Then you have the touchpad. We very much enjoyed using it thanks to the great feedback it offered in our tests.

The display of this EON17-S is covered in a glossy finish. Which, needless to say, is extremely annoying while working with the laptop. Something should be done about this, because if it were not for this con, we would have deeply liked the screen. Why? Because the viewing angles, the brightness, the colors and so on look great.Origin-EON17-S

Impressive connectivity options

The abundance of connectivity options we discovered in this review, was excellent. We came across the following: 3 USB 3.0 ports, 4 audio jacks (headphone and 7.1 channel surround-out), 1 power jack, 1 mini-FireWire port, 1 LAN port, 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 external USB Blu-ray drive, one 9-in-1 card reader, 1 DisplayPort, 1 DVI video ports, one HDMI, 1 optical drive bay (this one offers the possibility to use it with whatever kind of CD/DVD/BD drive or an additional storage drive).

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios are also features in the list of features. Speaking of which, sound comes from a pair of speakers. The latter use a 3W subwoofer to produce it. A Creative THX TruStudio software is offered, so that the user can easily optimize the audio output. Everything can be personalized, so that you can enjoy the best of sound. The latter’s quality if good.

Limited battery life

The operating system used here is a Windows 7 Home Premium version. The thing that we liked the most about it was that we saw no unnecessary programs with it. Much too many laptops sport bloatware these days that it is really frustrating.

The amount of life that is delivered by this model’s battery is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Quite nice, if you ask us. Still, the EON17-S still has a long way to become our favorite gaming laptop if we only judge it by its type of battery.

The graphics unit employed on Origin’s latest gaming product is rather big. But this means that more effort was made into turning this device into a good one when it comes to graphics performance. The controller was over-clocked; this helps it achieve superb quality in gaming sessions.

The warranty offered by the company for their newest device is 1 year for each of the labor and arts.

Review conclusion

The Origin EON17-S is capable of lasting in a professional way when it’s used for gaming and other activities. But it’s not as powerful as some of the others we have already reviewed.