Olympus VG-130


A new entry level digital camera

With features like an X5 optical zoom and wide-angle at 26 mm, the camera in this review looks more than promising. The design is well done but the biggest surprise is its price: this camera costs just 89 euros. Let’s see if the Olympus VG-130 offers good value for this amount of money.


It’s very weird to test in a day an SLR camera and immediately afterwards a point and shoot camera. It’s the case today ! However, we must take care because this second device has a low price and cannot be compared with an SLR. However, at first view the VG-130 looks interesting. Let’s see the test and the review of this point and shoot digital camera from Olympus.


olympus-vg-130With the VG-130, Olympus seems to have done a good job. The external finish of the camera is interesting and there’s no design problem. In fact the camera looks pretty interesting. Even the price is very low for a camera like this one. The buttons and the materials do not look like they are very fragile. Usability seems to be better than on other models from the same entry level class. However, a bad point of this model is the on / off button which is slightly smaller than the zoom one. A positive point for a camera with this price is the dedicated button for video mode. Usually, a button like this one can be found just on expensive digital cameras. Until now Olympus seems to have done a good job !

Good loading speed for this price

Even if the price of this gadget is not high, the speed of VG-130 seems to be very fast. The camera loads very fast and the off – on push of the button makes the camera ready to take pictures in less than 2 seconds. This is a good value for an entry level device. Another interesting and fast responsive feature is the software used to power this camera. The menu is well organized, fast and easy to use. Sincerely, it is one of the fastest menus we tested for a review ! 🙂 You can move fast between the photo mode: from the program mode (P) to the macro mode in a very short time. Anyway, at this level you will have access to the ISO after just three clicks and to other interesting features, too. The optical elements are very well done in terms of speed: it takes just a second to switch from the wide-angle (26 mm) at maximum telephoto (130 mm) and for the gadget to become stable at this value (autofocus).

Great colors, but only in daylight

We know very well that the Olympus brand has always been a powerful producer of cameras in terms of image colors. This model offers another good amount of colors without problems. However, we got the provided results after we took photos in the daylight. If yo look carefully at the pictures, you’ll see the low quality of the optical elements. This is so because the colors are good, but the contours of the elements are not very well done and sometimes not very clear. Another thing you should know is that the camera cannot be easily used up to ISO 400, because it has no optical stabilization. And so the pictures taken are very sensitive to movements of the hand. If you try to force the ISO up to 1600 (maximum value), the digital noise becomes very pronounced and the pictures don’t look very pleasant. However, this is a normal thing for a camera which costs just about 89 euros and has not optical stabilization at high ISO values.

Low quality display and weak videos

Even the dimension of the display is very big with about 7.6 inches diagonally. The image visible on the display of the LV-130 shows just 230 000 pixels. This is a low value for this dimension and this fact is quite visible if you want to see a clearer picture taken with the camera. This is one of the reasons that the evaluation of the sharpness of images is very difficult to estimate. At the same time, the HD 720p (High Definition Ready 1280 x 720 pixels) video mode provides the minimum for this feature. Anyway, the encoding quality of the video is normal with nothing extraordinary. The sound quality is not very good, but is still decent.

Review conclusion

After our tests we can say that the Olympus VG-130 is just a low-cost camera for the entire family. Even if this gadget will not win any prize, the price / performance ratio is quite correct and decent for its features and provided performance. If you use the camera to take images in the light of day, the image quality will be pleasant. Another positive thing is the design of the camera. However, this is just another camera for your holidays and we suggest you to buy this camera if you need a correct device with enough features and capabilities for your time away from the city.

Technical specifications

Display size3 inch
Resolution14 MP
Sensor TypeCCD
Optical Zoom5x
Viewfinder TypeLCD Monitor
Battery TypeOlympus LI-70B
Image StabilizerStabilizer Electronic

  1. Marijke at 1:30 pm

    How is the battery life of the camera? Aprox. how lang does it last for?