NuForce Cube


A battery-powered speaker

If among our readers there are those who look for a rechargeable battery-powered speaker, then one called NuForce Cube may be their next acquisition. The product is a headphone amp and a DAC as well. And this combo comes in a body that is both nice and elegant. So without more babbling from our part, we will get on with our following review to show you just how good the device is in tests.

Rechargeable too

The NuForce Cube can be bought at a price of $120. The design makes this DAC/headphone amplifier very easy to fit in your palm. The body is clad in aluminum and is particularly appealing from a visual standpoint. The following colors are available: black, blue, red and silver. Each of them comes with a color-matched cloth grill. The frame measures 58.5 mm x 58.5 mm x 60 mm. To prevent the device from falling, there are 4 pads made of rubber sitting on the bottom. The product offers one optional adapter for the iPod Nano.

The rechargeable battery sported by the NuForce Cube lasted for up to 10 hours in our test.

Whenever we connected the product through USB to our laptop, the later’s internal sound card was bypassed to make room for the digital-to-analog converter (DAC). So if you own a laptops with crappy sound, the DAC will come as a blessing.

Excellent quality

Besides having the kind of looks which definitely attract attention, the NuForce Cube is a great-sounding speaker. The amount of sound it offers is most definite a pro. You will enjoy your music in accurate and clean audio quality. But we did notice some cons. Frequencies in midrange, midbass and bass sounded small. Still, it did not get annoying.

If your laptop is able to deliver the sort of great sound quality everybody’s craving nowadays, then you will not need this product. But say that you own a crappy notebook. The NuForce Cube will make your pains go away. Its greatest qualities are the ways in which it makes you notice great improvement in audio performance. It does that by removing mud, making vocals sound natural, tightening the bass up and restoring greatness to treble. After a while of playing around with this baby, you will get why it is such a treasure for laptops with bad speakers.

The market is full of portable DACs that are renowned for excellent quality. For example the uDAC-2. Which has the same price as the one we’re reviewing today. And yet, the NuForce Cube has that something about it which cannot be denied. This is the sort of device that sports a combination of two very important features: a headphone amp along with a speaker. They are both very suited to make listening to music a pleasurable experience. The two of them are of the good quality. And they are wrapped in a body that is going to look good wherever you put it in your house or your friend’s apartment.NuForce-Cube-2

Test conclusion

In other words, the new NuForce Cube is the kind of original device which can be used by people who enjoy spending their free time outside. And the sort of consumers who are in need of something that is compact and also able to deliver the best solution for their listening needs. With that in mind, the NuForce Cube should be bought as soon as you have the money.