Notion Ink Adam


A new tablet brand

Notion Ink is such a small company, that it’s difficult to find someone who’s ever heard about it. They’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to make themselves known. The investors they talked to refrained from helping them; factories as well. The ones to get interested in them were, in the end, consumers themselves. The Notion Ink Adam gadget they brought to our attention not long ago promotes new and exciting ideas. In the form of specs and features. Allow us to tell you below whether the device delivers or disappoints.

An original design

Go into any shops that sells tablets. You’ll soon notice how every single one of them repeats, in its own way, the design of the iPad. The Adam tablet wants to be recognized by an original style. It sure succeeds at that. We were so very thankful to finally see a company with the desire to keep away from copying its forefathers.Notion-Ink-Adam

The grip on this gadget has to be one of the most phenomenal. In our tests we never once felt it slip from our fingers. And yeah, you should hold the device with both hands; its weight doesn’t allow for a single hand grip. At some point, our arms felt a bit achy. The tablet rubber mesh coating kept a close watch on us not to drop the product because of that. The matte material this gadget is made of is an excellent repellent for fingerprints. So kudos for that, Notion Ink!

Capacitive touch keys

The Motorola Xoom and other tablets for that matter appear like dwarves when compared to the Adam. That’s because of the very big bezel around the display. The touch keys are capacitive. That may be so, but they don’t come with backlight. We got no feedback from them when we reviewed them. The virtual buttons used by the OS are click-able when there’s darkness in your room.

Move to the bezel and under it you’ll find so many connectivity options that you’ll forget this isn’t a laptop. If you want to connect a wireless mouse and a keyboard, the tablet won’t say no. If no one else thinks of copy the Adam, this device might as well be the only one with a Pixel Qi display. A matte Pixel Qi display. No fingerprints and no reflections for this baby. This type of screen does other things besides keeping those two away. It has the ability to turn off its backlight and bring light to the display with the help of the sun. But well, you won’t get fabulous viewing angles with this display. Deep blacks and beautiful colors aren’t delivered by the Adam tablet.

GPS technology included

The applications, games, Photoshopping and other tasks we tested on the CPU all worked without crashing. Which is wickedly awesome. GPS lock in maps came in front of our eyes super duper fast. No good news on the speakers’ performance. You’re better off with a pair of headphones.

Instead of 15 hours as read in the tablet’s presentation, we only got 8 hours of battery life. Keep your activities to a minimum and the device will thank you by lasting a whole day of your constant nagging.

Review conclusion

Well then, that’s all we have to say on the Notion Ink Adam in the end of this review. There’s certainly a future for this tablet. But the many software that lacks brilliancy will annoy you rather than show the novelties of the device.

Technical specifications

Display10.1″ WSVGA (1024 x 600)
Screen characteristicsMulti-touch
OtherAnti glare coating
Internal storage8 GB Flash
ConnectivityMicro-SD Card support
USB 2.0 Host x 2
Mini USB
Micro SD slot
SIM Card slot
Total weight1.6 pounds
DimensionsWidth: 191 mm
Length: 269 mm
Thickness: 14.7 mm to 22 mm