Nokia X7-00


A phone with an improved OS

Nokia is aware that it is beginning to lose ground in face of serious competition from Samsung, Apple, HTC and so on. This knowledge first hit the Finnish company last year. But even then things were still going strong for them. Several months later, other companies started making better smartphones. Today we want to discuss the Nokia X7-00. It was released last year and, after ages of testing other phones from other manufacturers, we wanted to experience some of the company’s legendary products. Here is what review came of those analysis.

Impressive design

We have to admit: we’ve been big fans of Nokia in the past. The Finnish manufacturer sure knew how to make a quality gadget. Then came a real invasion of smartphones which made the models created by Nokia look somewhat old in terms of innovations. The X7-00 is a device made when the company was still in its period of glory. It looks absolutely great.

What made us so crazy about this phone was, first and foremost, its amazing design and its specs. A true work of art if you are into that kind of thing. The body is of stainless steel. The shape of this beauty will remind you of a stealth jet fighter. Which will make people into flying that much into this visual jewel. In every way imaginable, this is not a smartphone which will look like everything else selling right now. When we measured its body, we got these dimensions: 119.7 mm x 62.8 mm x 11.9 mm.Nokia-X7-00

4 inch AMOLED display

We also weighted the phone. The result we got: 146g. Silver steel and Dark steel are the two colors you’ll be able to choose from. The rear is rounded; holding the X7-00 for a call will feel very comfortable.

After examining the exterior of the phone, we returned to its front. Where a 4″ nHD AMOLED touchscreen sits. Resolution is kind of on the low side: 360 x 640 pixels. But there is no huge difference between the display of this model and the one on a Samsung device. Brightness is fantastic, the best we’ve seen yet. Colors we’ve seen in tests were so very vivid. Viewing angles were also something to drool over. Samsung’s Galaxy S II is not perfect when it comes to looking at it under direct sunlight. But the X7-00 is better than that phone’s touchscreen. The latter delivered very good response when tapped on, compared with other recently reviewed models. A pro which will count for everything if you are like us and love that quality in a smartphone.

Powered by Symbian Anna

The buttons put on the sides of the device were a bit of a hard task to use. Whenever we pressed one of the keys, we felt our finger slide down; that meant that we were in danger of dropping the phone.

This Nokia X7-00 has an update to its Symbian. Its name: Anna. This operating system features an upgrade to the browser, to text entry and several apps.

The 8MP camera doesn’t do justice to the phone. Pics could have looked great, but too much noise makes them look bad. Videos are not great-looking, either.

During the calls we made, quality was good. We didn’t come across distortions or bad reception. Volume was good and sound was clear. But there was no Active Noise Cancellation. It has smart dialing, though.

Review conclusion

If you want a phone which is probably one of the best ones operated by Symbian, how about Nokia’s X7-oo?