Nokia E7


An outdated OS for a new smartphone

Because the new Nokia E7 is full of features and style, looks like it will gain a lot of success. Its design is impressive, but the Symbian 3.0 OS seems to be really outdated.


This phone has been very long awaited by Nokia fans. It was first announced about seven months ago. Back then, the company said it would be launched at the end of 2010 at a price of 730 euros. Nowadays, finally, the new Nokia E7 powered by Symbian is available in stores. It costs around 600 euros without subscription.

The phone has an intelligent slide-out keyboard and a lot of professional features (it is dedicated to communications and security). This is a very attractive gadget for any businessman. The product is full of multimedia capabilities and social networking applications which are very easy to access. However, all these features combined with a real keyboard seem to transform this smartphone into one that is desired by everyone. Is the performance of the E7 really at the same level with its features ? Let’s see the test and the capabilities of this device in this review !


nokia-e7The new E7 seems to be inspired by the design of the Nokia N8. However, this is just a first impression, because the E7 is significantly bigger and heavier (176 grams vs. 135 grams for N8). This new model of Nokia includes a psychical keyboard with four lines, very ergonomic, with large keys and very well delimited. This mechanism is original in terms of design. Compared to similar solutions, this one is not limited to reveal the keyboard when it slides horizontally. The display of the phone is positioned at a very good angle of 35 degrees. This choice is very good because you can have a good and comfortable view of the screen surface. The display of E7 uses AMOLED technology and is able to provide a brightness of about 343 / m2 candles which are satisfactory. The display format is 16 / 9, meaning very good for video playback. But not so for Internet navigation.

Not very ergonomic

If you want to compare to recently reviewed predecessors, the E7 seems to use the same hardware platform as the N8 and the C7. The CPU is the same ARM 11 at 680 MHz frequency and with 256 MB of RAM. The operating system is the same too: Symbian 3. It delivers good performance. But at times, the OS encounters to some failures sometimes, it has moments when it just freezes. Applications must be closed from the menu button. Apparently it’s the memory’s fault, because its 256 MB of RAM aren’t enough when you need to use multitasking. A good point is that the navigation through menus is fast and safe, without speed problems. Surfing and multipoint zoom technology are very well implemented on this gadget.

In our performed tests, the only weak point (seems to be common to all devices powered by Symbian 3 OS) is the not so inspired design of the operating system. We believe that it could be improved so that it could be faster, simpler and more efficient. Using of E7 feels just like using the C7 and the N8. At the autonomy / battery life chapter, differences are very big between the three phones. The new E7 is able to offer continuous video playback for about 7 hours with an 1200 mAh battery. Which in itself is a pretty good value. Anyway, the battery life seems to be disappointing, because in communication and 3G mode the autonomy is low: about 5 and 4 hours and 20 minutes. If you compare to its predecessors, you will see that the C7 has about 9 hours of talk time. The N8 has about 8 hours for web browsing. With the same battery !

16 GB capacity

Because it boasts a lot of features, the new Nokia E7 needs to offer a good storage capacity. The phone has in its default configuration 16 GB of flash memory and about 500 MB of internal memory necessary for the internal operating system and its features.
A weak point is that this model doesn’t have a memory card reader. The 16 GB must be enough. However, this thing leads to another one. If you need to transfer files, you will have to have a connection via USB with a PC because the phone has no slot for memory cards. This could be a good thing, though, since after connection you are able to use the OVI interface and access different settings and information about the phone. For example, you have access to the battery level, the level of memory occupied, missed calls and other such stuff. You have the possibility to install the OVI Suite and change parameters of the phone. You can synchronize the internal data with your computer data, too.Nokia-E7-smartphone

You must know that the E7 is powered by a single hard drive. This is the reason why conversion of video files will almost every time be correct and well done. Another interesting thing: after the Nokia / Microsoft collaboration, the WMV file conversion doesn’t seem to be well done and it will take longer than a normal file transfer. In its default configuration, the Nokia E7 accepts almost all video files formats. It is able to play DivX files, Xvid movies, MKV format and HD up to 720p resolution.

A lot of features

If you ignore the capability to play video files, then the E7 features an FM radio and an eight-megapixel camera. The latter has LED flash and is able to record movies at 720p HD resolution. However, this camera isn’t as powerful as the N8 model. Still, it’s a good camera, somehow similar to the one on the C7. In tests, all the HD videos were satisfying in terms of sharpness, but had rendering problems. If you are addicted to taking photos / shooting videos, you will be glad to see that the phone has as few dedicated button for these tasks (photo buttons, zoom, volume and standby). The presence of the Dolby Surround standard makes the sound to be really good. The N7 has a HDMI mini jack port for video transfer in real time to a dedicated device, such as a LED or LCD TV.
This Nokia includes in the package a couple of connectors / adapters. For example, you will find a traditional charger, a USB cable, a HDMI cable for connection to a TV and a USB card reader which allows you to read the content of a SD card.

Review conclusion

It’s easy to see that the Nokia E7 is a great smartphone with beautiful finish. The device comes with a lot of connectivity options (a set of USB and HDMI cables included in the package). It is large and the keyboard is comfortable and easy to use. In fact, this phone will be a real good one for fans of social networking and messaging, but at the same time its multimedia features / video capabilities will attract a lot of fans. The product offers a lot of features and seems to be one of the best smartphones we’ve ever tested. The only negative point is the battery life and the outdated Symbian 3 OS.

Technical specifications

ProcessorARM 11
CPU Frequency680 MHz
Graphics chipIntegrated
Memory (RAM)256 MB
OSSymbian 3.0
Free Flash memory (in MB)16000
App StoreOvi Store
KeyboardSliding QWERTY keyboard
Display size10.16 cm
Display colors16 million
Panel technologyAMOLED
GPS softwareMaps 3.0
HDMIMini HDMI (Type C)
Connector Type USBMicro USB
Standby time480H
Battery Capacity (mAh)1200
Height12.37 cm
Thickness1.36 cm
Width6.24 cm
Total weight176 g