Nokia BH-905i


A wireless new headset

This Nokia headphone has some interesting features, such as a Bluetooth vs. wired solution and active noise reduction at the same time. However, it seems that the audio capabilities are not very homogeneous in reality.


The Nokia producer does not manufacture just phones, but also accessories for phones and other products (like notebooks, for instance). The BH-905i headset with Bluetooth is an interesting device. It was announced by its producer to be compatible with a lot of products made by the same brand (the full list is available on the official website of Nokia). By that we mean smartphones and music players from other producers. This headphone has a successful design and a low weight (about 170 grams). Anyway, if you read about its specifications you will find a lot of great ones and that the headphone seems to be very comfortable because of its good weight. Let’s see our test and review.


nokia-bh-905iThe Nokia BH-905i seems, at first, to be a fragile headset. It’s not just an impression, because this model appears to be far away from the design of the solid models launched on the market in the past three years. The headphones are designed to be supra-aural (over the ears). They were projected to be comfortable, with the headband flexible and very comfortable for the user’s head. This model offers you a double connection type: with and without wires.

Bluetooth technology included

For those of you addicted to wireless technology, the BH-905i is a pleasant surprise. Especially since it follows the model of a phone. this product can serve as a hands-free audio headset. The buttons for control are present on the right side and are more or less effective or supported (call pickup, volume, setting playback mp3 and other settings). We tested the headsets with the iPhone 3, 3G and 4. The good thing is that this gadget is able to work with all these phones just because is synchronizes via Bluetooth with them. Anyway, to be sure that the headsets are compatible with your phone, you must verify on the website.

A classic wired solution

If you need to listen to music at home, make a VoIP connection or enjoy a movie on the plane, you can do this with ease once you get this Nokia headset. The BH-905i has a mini-jack input on the left side and you can connect different cables that are supplied with the beautiful carrying case the headphones boasts in the package. The cable is just for use with a 3.5 mm jack, including the three connectors needed to use it as a hands-free. However, the package includes two 6.3 mm adapters to connect the headsets with ease to other devices.

Noise and bass reduction

One of the latest features included in this headset is the Nokia active noise reduction. This device is composed from 8 microphones and is able to remove all noise easily. We are impressed by this because it is very effective in reality. This way we won’t need to listen the music at a high volume to be properly insulated from the outside sounds. Anyway, in case you need a lot of power, you must know that in our tests we measured an output level of about 102 dB at maximum volume. As for the capability in frequency (measured with the headset plugged in), it extends from 20 MHz to 20 000 MHz. That’s the sound perceived by the human ear. Anyway, the performance in the middle of the spectrum is somehow overshadowed.

Good battery life

We tested battery life using just the Wireless connection. Anyway, you should know that it is difficult to measure the range of such a helmet this way. The measurements on the product are very similar with our values. It depends what kind of connection you use, but the activation of noise reduction had a huge role in this test. However, this headset can be used an entire day without noise reduction and with wireless activated. In wired connection, the noise reduction stopped after twelve hours, but the headset continued to work in normal mode.

Review conclusion

In our opinion and after this test, the high price of the Nokia BH-908i cannot be explained. This price seems to be really high if you look at the performances provided in the time of this review. Moreover, the sound quality is not quite the best from the market and the headset is extremely sensitive to a digital equalizer on the player or phone. Other features are the ability to play with different cables and adapters and the ability to obtain a good quality of sound in wired mode. Just tree stars for finishing.

Technical specifications

Gadget classHeadset – wireless – Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
Headphones TypeHeadphones – binaural
ConnectivityWireless – Bluetooth 2.1
Form FactorHeadsets
Used forMobile Phones
Frequency Bandwidth15 – 20000 Hz
Active Noise CancelingYes
Sound Output ModeStereo
Microphone Operation ModeMono