Nokia 808 PureView


A smartphone with a huge camera

Nokia has not yet given up on manufacturing phones. And that’s great, since many people continue to be fans of this company. To freshen up its offerings, the Finnish team recently wrapped up work on a new device, namely a camera phone model called 808 PureView. It is certainly not the manufacturer’s greatest work. But it shines when it comes to the power it delivers. So we decided to put it through some tests and see how it behaved. This review is what came of that.

41MP resolution

When we picked the Nokia 808 PureView up for the very first time, its weight got us a bit alarmed. This is certainly no feather-like smartphone. But it makes sure that the device is steady when you use it for pics. Thankfully that was all it bothered us, because this model is not big at all. And overall, the balance is a good one when we held it during tests.

The megapixels on this product come in an impressive number. Which is 41MP. How many other devices of this kind have the same amount? Yup, only a handful. The sensor of this camera phone is excellent. And by that we mean a real pro point. Because it delivers plenty of great-looking details which are imbued in lots of sharpness. And the quality is even more significant when it comes to image crispness. Not to mention that you will see no distortion. The aperture is superb: f/2.4. The 8.02 mm of focal length are impressive as well.Nokia-808-PureView

The optics are courtesy of Carl Zeiss. Which automatically means great shots. Which are also offered by the device’s settings, effects, modes, manual controls and other such goodies. We played around with them. We particularly enjoyed working with the onscreen buttons. They were very helpful when we wanted to look for a setting and such. After we were done with snapping pics, we could save them in a way that would agree with beginners, too, not only with professionals.

Impressive videos too

Shooting clips was in no way inferior compared to taking photos. The quality was the same. But, in both cases, there are problems when the user chooses the highest resolution. Because this camera phone does not let you zoom a lot.

While we were checking out image quality, we saw that whenever we wished to look at a full portrait pic, we needed to get out of the camera application. After that, the next step was to open the device’s gallery. But besides that, we never failed to admire just how good pics and videos looked. Compared to the iPhone 4S, this model exhibits the best in clarity, vibrancy and amazing colors. Also, there is no noise when you use the device in low-quality light. Especially when there is pitch darkness to deal with.

Facebook access

While Facebook is integrated with the 808 PureView, Twitter is not. Luckily, the product offers the possibility to quickly crop your pic and post it on either Flickr or Facebook.

The processor here is a 1.3GHz. You will notice, like we did, that this is not the best OS ever made. Not when you use the Internet and not even when you perform various tasks.

The operating system is a Symbian Belle. The best thing about the latter is the user interface, because it is one of the easiest ones to use.

Call quality is great. The volume is good, something that is always very welcome. We experienced 0 dropped calls.

Test conclusion

The Nokia 808 PureView shows that the Finnish company can still produce good quality devices, with good specs and capabilities.