Nokia 6300


A phone with a lot of fans

Designed with a business slim look, Nokia 6300 is one of the most popular phones, especially from the 6xxx class. Even though, most of the Nokia users aren’t used with such a slim design as they are more used with solid and thick phones, Nokia 6300 is the exception from the rule. Yet, the phone is still enjoying of a high popularity, even though it has been launched some time ago (more exactly, in 2006), fact that can mean only one thing: 6300 won lots of fans all over the world.

Very lightweight

Due to its thickness that doesn’t go over 10 mm, the weight of this phone is of only 91 grams (weighed with battery included). If you have just bought a copy of this phone and it weighs more, then most probably, you are the lucky winner of a crappy fake phone. As well, the original measures should not pass 106 x 43.6 x 11.7, which are the official measures of Nokia 6300.

Good battery life

nokia-6300Even if this phone is complete, don’t expect too much from it, as it wasn’t meant to be a high tech phone. For example, if we take a look at the screen, it is a wide TFT one, with a resolution of only 240*320. Yet, the size of the screen is almost ½ of the total size of the phone, therefore most of the users will be satisfied of the quality of the image, despite the fact that it isn’t based on the LCD technology and neither on OLED. Moreover, as concerning the fonts and the brightness, users have the option of changing the size of the fonts (they have 3 options: small, medium and big) but they can not change the brightness levels. Though, this won’t affect the battery life time, as users can customize the power mode, and therefore, in most of the cases, the battery of Nokia 6300 will last quite long (up to 348 hours if it is not heavily used). After all, the Nokia phones have always been appreciated for the long lifetime of their batteries.

2MP camera

The camera that Nokia 6300 comes incorporated with is a 2 MP camera that can make picture in resolutions that range from 160 x 120 to 1600 x 1200 pixels. The best part about the camera is the fact that the 4-way control key can be used in order change the focus manually on different objects from the screen. However, as it isn’t a high tech camera, changing the focus might make the image very noisy in the tests performed for this review.

Medium processor speed

As for the software part, Nokia 6300 comes incorporated with a ARM9 processor running at 238 Mhz. Enough? Well, for the average Joe users, the speed will be enough. However, the first thing that needs to be done from the first time is to upgrade the memory: Nokia 6300 comes only with 7,8 Mb of internal memory, therefore a micro SD is mandatory if you want to use it as a media player, or to run different kind of applications.

Review conclusion

That said, it’s obvious that Nokia 6300 is more of a average phone, specially designed for those without too many needs. Though, if you have to choose between a Nokia 6300 and a K750i Sony Ericsson , the first option is definitely the right choice, as it is cheaper, lasts longer and it’s more durable.

Technical specifications

DesignClassical (piece)
Dimensions106.4 x 43.6 x 13 mm
Weight91 grams
AutonomyNot Disclosed
Exposure level (DAS)Not Disclosed
Operating system (OS)Owner (feature phone)
Release DateMay-07
Size (diagonal)Not Disclosed
Resolution240 x 320 pixels
Number of colors16 million colors
Communication / Networks
Frequencies900/1800-1900 MHz (Triband)
UMTS (3G)not
WiFi / UMA / UPnPnot
Camera2 megapixel
MP3/AAC playerMP3 / AAC / AAC +
FM radioyes
Gamesyes (compatible Java MIDP 2.0)
DirectoryShared memory
Internal Memory135 MB
Memory CardmicroSD (TransFlash)
Internal Memory135 MB
Memory CardmicroSD (TransFlash)
MessagingSMS / EMS / MMS / e-mail
Mobile InternetWAP 2.0
Voice Memoyes
Voice dialingyes
Visualization doc.not
Bluetoothyes, Bluetooth stereo
Data cableyes
3.5 mm jacknot