Nike+ SportWatch GPS review


A clock GPS for athletes from Nike and TomTom

Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom was launched during this year’s CES. With this model that’s featuring GPS, the company wants to offer athletes and simple people who enjoy running another possibility for keeping track of their exercises. It represents ideal training aid, because it enables route data collecting, distance, pace and many more options. We took this gadget for a spin outside and here is what we think after the test performed for this review.

An excellent design

nike-sportwatch-gpsFirst of all, here are the specifications: 1.46 x 10 x 0.63 inch. It comes with an inbuilt GPS radio, Nike shoe pod sensor and incorporated USB connector.
The Nike+ SportWatch GPS has an excellent design: its neon green (or yellow, depending on the light) accents are eye-candy. At first glance it looks heavy and it definitely felt heavy when we put it on, but after some minutes of running, the sensation went away.

Easy to use

The display shows the time, date and also battery life on the right side. Numbers for the former two options are large; the details on the latter feature are smaller. Two keys are used for when browsing through different functions of the watch and there’s one other acting as select and menu options. These three buttons can be found on the left side of the display.

The start the watch, you just have to press the yellow bottom key, hold it and select the “Run” option. After some minutes the GPS will locate a signal.
The Nokia+ pod is a good backup if the watch loses the GPS signal: it will continue to track calories, distance and pace.

Heart rate monitor included

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is, we are pleased to say, compatible with Polar Wearlink + heart-rate-monitor and users can link those two by using the Run – Options – New sensor.
After it’s set in motion, the watch’s display will start showing the distance you’re accumulating and it will continue to do so all the way to your destination. To access elapsed time, pace, number of calories burned and other options, you will have to use the scroll keys from the display. To end the test session, we just pressed the bottom key.
This gadget even comes with encouraging words, such as “Great job!” to boost your confidence and it also reminds you, if you haven’t run in some days, that it’s high time you did so.

Tracking of the route places

After the test, once we returned home again, the SportWatch GPS enabled us to upload our work out details on the PC. This was made possible with the help of the USN connector incorporated into the wrist strip. You can then plug it to the included USB cable and then to the computer. Nike+ Software will then load and transfer information to The web site will show you everything you want to know about your route, pace, elevation and detailed data about your slowest/fastest mile, just to name a few.

Good battery life

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom is easy to set up and use. A drawback is the fact that we had to first plug it to a PC in order to set the time right.
The product had some problems at first with finding a good GPS signal. For this reason, some of our data was off.
Battery life is excellent: we recharged it after 5 days and it fully charged in 2 hours.

Review conclusions

On the whole, after the tests performed for this review we are able to say that the Nike+ SportWatch GPS is a superb gadget. Unfortunately, triathletes will find it’s much too simple for their taste and they will turn their attention to Garmin Forerunner 305 model, for example.

Technical specifications

– Tap Screen to count laps and activate the backlight
– Historical data from previous races
– Personal records including those imported from
– Quick Start with the hoof optional Nike + Sensor
– Heart Monitor Compatibility
– Recognition (or “Attaboy”) for private records
– Reminders that appear after five days if a race has not been saved
– Recognition and encouragement after the race