Nero 8 review


Another CD / DVD burner from Nero

Nero 8 comes with an improved interface and new features. Does it work well? Should you direct your attention to other CD / DVD burner software ? We tested the Nero 8 and here is our review.

1.5GB of disk space free for installation

Before installing it, you should be aware that it needs a Windows Vista, XP or 2000 SP4 (or later) with a DVD-ROM and also 512MB of RAM for Vista/256MB of RAM for earlier Windows versions; your computer will also have to have 1.5GB of disk space free along with 9GB for DVD files.
Unfortunately, one of the big letdowns of this software is its long download time; it needed about 30 minutes to fully download. The SecurDisc Viewer and the PhotoShow Express took another 10 minutes to fully install. Maybe some will think that waiting time is not that much; we personally thought it was way too much, considering how little other products needed to install and get ready to work. What is more, during installation we had to make sure that we declined the installation of the Ask toolbar; there were also many boxes we had to check or clear if we wanted some of the program’s apps to open different files on our computer by default. If you think that was enough, you are wrong: during installation, Nero comes with five desktop shortcuts boxes that you’ll have to clear if you don’t want them added to your PC.Nero-8

Difficult menu navigation

After the installation was over, we had to reboot. After that we took a look the product’s interface and we were amazed to see some 16 items in the Nero 8 folder. This can make navigation very hard for beginners. We afterwards noticed that the design of this Nero 8 was changed from the one on older versions; this version comes with a StartSmart entry screen with gray and bluish hues; the different options looked much better organized. You will find a Create and Edit, Rip and Burn and other such options along the top of the main window. On the left sit the Audio Ripping, Data Burning, Audio Burning and Copy Disc options; the left-corner has the famous flame icon that connects to other Nero applications.

Some problems…

Overall, performance was pretty good. We could easily convert DVD files for mobile gadgets, we could digitally sign and recover data, burn a Super Video CD that converted our videos to formats readable by DVD or SVCD players, schedule periodic data backups and copy or create recovery discs. Some annoying things we encountered when we tested the Nero 8 for our review: accessing the Home Entertainment Menu managed to freeze our PC and the Windows Firewall always blocked Nero Home.

Review conclusions

In conclusion, after this test we can say that if you decided to buy a new CD / DVD burning software, maybe you shouldn’t consider this one.

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