Nero 10 review


An improved CD burning software from Nero

With its Nero 10 version, this CD / DVD burning software producer wants to get closer to customers’ needs by helping them edit and manage photos, music and much more. The new and improved Nero 10 comes with a multimedia package that includes three things: Burning ROM, Vision Xtra and BackItUp & Burn. We tested this program and here is our review.

Easy to install

The product is very easy to install and it doesn’t take up a lot of space, because the Nero Multimedia Suite 10 has less than 300MB. The software is available for free download and install. Before installing, though, you’ll also need to install Microsoft’s supporting runtimes for Visual C and Direct3D Extensions. But the program worked just fine on Windows 7 with the latest DirectX software. On a side note, during installation we were advised to get a browser toolbar; that was rather annoying. After the 10-minute installation process, we had to reboot our computer; after that we found four icons in the taskbar, namely BackItUp, MediaHub, SmartStart and Vision Xtra.Nero-10

Very intuitive

The interface of the Nero 10 was improved from the previous version, because it didn’t take a lot to find the right tool. We found everything we needed on the top-level tabs; we discovered options like Tools, Data, Music and Video-Photo, just to name a few. The startup app features a knowledge center; this one provided a lot of help with its video tutorials, community links and the like.
When we tested the Nero 10 for this review, its updated Vision Xtra feature was a great tool in editing and organizing photos and videos; the BackItUp & Burn option is an online and local back-up solution.

Media Hub included

The easy to use MediaHub combines what Picassa and iTunes can do and what a video player/editor can do. It enabled us to quickly and smoothly switch between videos, photos and music. Other advantages of this feature: cropping and rotating pictures, burning disks, uploading content to Twitter, Facebook and the like, displaying pictures grouped by date, month and so on. Unfortunately, the Nero 10 program didn’t automatically removed red-eye; we had to do that manually.
A unique thing about the Nero 10: support for SecurDisk 2.0 technology. This feature means that disks are prevented from becoming unreadable because of scratches and wear.

Review conclusions

After the test performed for this review we can say that the new Nero 10 CD / DVD burning software is a definite improvement from its Nero 9 predecessor. It delivers good performance, speed and an array of features.

Free download Nero 10