NEC MultiSync EX231W


A new 23-inch LED monitor

The first LED model launched by NEC is a high end class model and it’s called EX231W. But how effective and powerful is this LED monitor ? Does it have the makings of really successful product ? Let’s see.


One of the biggest producers of computer monitors, NEC seems to follow the general trend of throwing LED backlighting into your devices. It just launched a new family of displays for office tasks called “Office Cool”. The first model is the MultiSync EX231W. This monitor is very thin and lightweight. Technical specifications claim that it has a response time of 5 ms and good features, as well. This monitor seems to be a good competitor for what’s going on on the market. In fact, this model has superior features and this is visible in the design of the display. However, we must see if the device really has these super good specifications and capabilities.


NEC-MultiSync-EX231WThe first thing that you see on the NEC EX231W is its excellent design. The monitor looks dashing and the edges of the frame are very thin (it is only 14mm). This is a perfect design for a multiple-monitor setup. Another impressive thing is that the display is also very thin (just 17 mm) and it has a truly exemplary finish. Under our touch, the plastic seems to have an elegant feel and the black is matte without the glossy look.

Good ergonomics

Generally speaking, monitors with low prices prefer to sacrifice their foot in the manufacturing process. The product will have a low cost, but the ergonomics will be low, too. If you need to have a supplemental telescopic leg, able to adjust the height and pivot to portrait mode, the price will be bigger by about 50 euros. In some cases even more. However, at this price, these feet are very heavy and generally have a bad design. However, this not our case because the NEC Ex231W has an almost perfect foot. The shape is that of a thin telescopic tube, it’s very easy to assemble and has a light weight. The foot allows you to change the height of the frame, but at the same time you have the possibility to pivot it vertically or in portrait mode. It also has good ergonomics which are very simple and effective, without any stability problems.

Eco-friendly at office

The Cool Office class launched by NEC is made for office tasks. Because the USB port is located at the top of the frame, its USB connector seems to be ideal for USB sticks. However, the same port becomes impractical for external hard drives.
The most important thing here is an Eco-friendly capability, especially for energy conservation. The NEC MultiSync EX231W has a light sensor able to automatically adjust the intensity of backlighting to ambient light. The monitor is fully configurable and the backlight can be set up in different ways. The monitor has another sensor which detects if the user is in the room or not. This can reduce the light’s intensity and is even able to close the monitor and thus save energy.

Medium response time

We tested this monitor to see its speed. In tests, the sensor measured the time taken by the LCD to make a round trip between white and black colors. The result seems to show a medium value of about 7 ms, not very good if you need to use this device for games for instance. Usually, gamers need better response time. If you are a gamer, this monitor isn’t really the best possible option for you.
In our opinion, another weak point is the lack of integrated speakers. The competition has better features and included speakers at almost the same price. However, you are able to connect external speakers to the monitor. Another bad thing is the lack of a HDMI port. The only connectors are the DVI and Display ports. Not impressive at all.

The default setup must be changed

You can access all the settings of this monitor in a very fast and ease way. However, you must change the default settings of the monitor if you want to have the maximum of results. If you use the default factory settings, you will see that the color fidelity is medium, but seems to be dependent by the light environment from the room. Another weak thing is the rendering of shades of gray, which seems to be is completely unregulated (color temperature and primary composition).
The best results in our tests are when the brightness is setup to about 135 cd / m2 and the contrast ratio is still remains comfortable (about 930:1).

Review conclusions

After our tests we can say that the NEC EX231W is a good monitor, with a lot of features and capabilities. With a good price for its features (about 400 euros) this model offer good value for the money. The image quality provided is good if you are able to setup correct the colors. In the same time this monitor remains very energy efficient (just 25 W in operation, at maximum of brightness). However, it’s response time is not very impressive but the color fidelity are able to compensate this weak point of the monitor.

Technical specifications

Display Size23 inches
Horizontal resolution1920 pixel
Vertical Resolution1080 pixel
Pitch in mm0.265
Screen Format16:09
Integrated MicroNo
Integrated webcamNo
Brightness in Candels176
Screen TypeLCD
Contrast Ratio (X: 1)25000
Response Time in ms5
Normal consumption in Watts32
Power Consumption Standby in Watts0.37
LED technologyEdge LED
Horizontal Scanning Frequency in KHz83
Brightness250 cd / m2
Scanning Frequency Vertical Hz75
Depth in cm4.77
Width in cm54.02
Height in cm31.83
Total weight in kg2.8