Navigon Premium 70


Two Navigon GPS in 2010

In 2010 Navigon launched two models: 70 Premium Plus and 70. These two gadgets are the references of the last two GPS manufacturer. The latest 70 Premium is the inventory of new Navigon technologies. This model includes: a sensitive sensor, a 5-inch screen, voice recognition and the possibility to display realistic 3D real time images. The models was tested by our team and here is the complete review.

The Navigon manufacturer has marketed this product since the summer of 2010. These two new GPS have a large size and are called Navigon Premium 70 Plus and 70. The information on these future products is available online in the shops that contain the specifications of the product. However, the screen size of the GPS is about 5 inches. That means a 12.7 cm diagonal and we expect these models not to be very discrete. In return, we should enjoy a comfortable image. The manufacturer also stipulates that the space reserved for the map display has been enlarged compared with the previous models. The menus and the options are all grouped at the bottom of the display and are activated on demand.

A totally new sensitive sensor

navigon-70-premiumNavigon somewhat improves the level of convenience by incorporating a sensitive sensor in its latest models. If the user’s hand gets near the GPS, the device displays the MyBest POI function. Placed under a small menu at the top of the screen so as not to interfere with navigation, you’ll find three categories of possible points of interest (parking, restaurants, gas stations, hotels). Needless then to search through menus in order to find the station nearest, which might divert your attention from the road.
Another feature included is the voice command, also activated by the sensitive sensor. A touch on the display or the edge of the GPS and you can use the gadget by voice. For me, it is still unclear what are the available voice commands. Hopefully, it is as complete as the Navigon 8450 Live.

A luxury model

Another classic model of this caliber, the Navigon Premium 70 (not the 70 plus), includes a built-in Bluetooth 2.0 able to support multiple connections. Now it becomes possible to connect two phones at the same time. And this is a particular feature that could attract users who want to work using with their home and business telephone. The 70 Premium model also integrates the 3D display City View 2.0, able to display the form of mapping for 3D dipping. A lot of important buildings, monuments and landscape are included. Navigon is trying to make a realistic experience that will truly succeed if the product proves effective enough so as to manage with the required display.

Michelin maps in France

The Navigon Premium 70 Plus and 70 offer for France is the entire Michelin Red Guide. However this happen only at a national level. If you want to have complete information (pricing, contact information, detailed descriptions) on restaurants or hotels across Europe, you’ll have to buy “the rest” of Michelin that is sold for 19.95 euros on the manufacturer ‘s site. The Green Guide (covering 24 European Countries) comes with none of the two models and is sold for 14.95 euros.

Positive points (pros)

* Voice Recognition included;
* The multipoint Bluetooth connectivity;
* The size of the screen, with good dimensions;

Negative points (c0ns)

* The price, a little bit higher;

Technical specifications

Screen Size (diagonal centimeters): 12,7;
GPS Software: Navigon;
Cards and maps delivered: Europe;
Radar provided: Yes;
Traffic Info included: Yes;