Navigon 40 Plus


A good medium level GPS

Navigon GPS adds to his new assistants the Michelin technology. All with complete European maps and the technology provided by satellites.

On Navigon, if the new series 70 corresponds to high-end GPS devices, the 40 series includes models of mid-range level. Four devices are included here (Easy, Plus, Premium and Premium Live) which correspond to a level higher and higher functionality. While the 70 series screens had a 12.7 inches diagonal (5 inches), the 40 series is more modest, with displays measuring 10.9 cm (4.3 inches), which is still comfortable for the eyes.

Assistants to guide you in traffic

Navigon-40-PlusThe wizard changing lanes shows the driver by voice and animation when to begin his turn signal and how to maneuver in order to change lanes on the freeway or other high speed roads. In addition, functions such as speech synthesis / text-to-Speech, this GPS is able to read aloud the names of streets, help you orientate better and safely.

The Michelin standard included

All models of Navigon including 40 series come now with the Michelin guide by default. The famous red guide gathers information about selected hotels and restaurants in terms of address, tariffs, opening hours and also a detailed description. The European version of the Michelin guide can be downloaded to the Navigon Fresh portal for 19.95 euros.

The differences between models

The Navigon 40 Plus has two new features included. One of them is One Click menu, which displays three clicks of POIs (points of interest). The second one is the ability for users to import their own destinations in CSV format with the software called Fresh. This version also includes the hands-free Bluetooth 2.0, which can receive phone calls from the GPS and distinguishes private from business calls.
The 40 Navigon Premium Live model provides real-time information to the driver on traffic conditions or weather. Regarding function Clever car, it helps the motorist to move as quickly as possible to the nearest parking.
The Navigon 40 Easy is designed only for occasional drivers who want to go from point A to point B with the comforts of a large screen.

The Navigon 40 Easy model includes the map of 20 European countries and is sold for about 149 euros, while other GPS devices have Europe maps covering 43 countries. The Navigon 40 Plus is commercialized at 179 euros. Count 199 euros and, respectively, 249 euros for 40 Navigon Premium and Premium Live. All these models have been available in almost all online stores since June 2010.

Positive points (pros)

* Display size in diagonal – 15 cm;
* Bluetooth 2.0 included;
* Assistant in changing lanes;

Negative points (c0ns)

* Nothing wrong seen when testing.

Technical specifications

Screen Size (diagonal inches): 10,9;
GPS Software: Navigon;
Cards delivered: Europe;
Radar provided: Yes;
Traffic Info: Yes.

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