Mozilla Firefox 4.0


The fastest and safest internet browser ?

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 is one of the toughest competitors ever for Google Chrome, as it is one of the fastest and safest web browsers of all time. That’s because Mozilla 4.0 brings safety to a superior level, and more than that, it comes with a whole new interface and a level of performance highly increased.

Minimalist design

mozilla-firefox-4.0The first noticeable update at MF 4.0 is that it has a new look, a simpler one, that doesn’t decrease the level of flexibility that Firefox 4.0 has always been known of. Before talking anymore about it, you must know that, if you don’t like the new design, you can anytime go to the old Firefox version, especially if you aren’t used with minimalist designs.

The 4.0 version comes by default with no menu bar. However, the address bar, a search field, the typical back/forward/reload/home buttons are present, since they are mandatory for any web browser. Still, if the users press on the Firefox image from the upper right corner, they will be given most of the options they would normally have in the menu bar. These chances were made in order to make more space in the screen, especially as there are people who install other toolbars that take quite a lot from the screen.

Pin as App Tab technology

Here is an off topic question: if you are in a tight competition, how do you get better? The right answer is to study closely your competitors and beat them with their own weapons. This is what the Mozilla Firefox 4.0 have done for the new version, reviewed here. The result? A powerful browser that’s far more than just competitive! For example, nowadays, the Mozilla users can pin web apps or web pages. All they have to do is to right click the tab where the page is opened and select the option “Pin as App Tab”. This feature remains as long as the tabs aren’t deleted, therefore it’s practically safe against browser crashes that used to happen in the past with the older Mozilla Firefox versions.

Security and safety for users

Another great feature that Firefox 4.0 has implemented is the one that prevents the sites from knowing what exactly do you do online. Criticized by most of the webmasters, this feature takes the notion of safety to a whole new level. Still, this feature isn’t working for 100% of the sites, as it is based just on headers that tell the engine of most of the websites that you just need privacy and you do not want to track you down. Though, even if the websites are told that you need privacy, some sites will still track down every move of yours, since they aren’t obligated t respect your privacy.

Very good speed in test

As concerning the performance of Firefox 4.0, this was highly increased. According to some tests based on testing JavaScript performance, Firefox 4 has completed the tests in 363 ms on average, fact that automatically places it in top 3 of the most popular web browsers (among Google Chrome and IE 9). This will definitely come in handy for most of the people, especially as Firefox allows lots of add-ons and applications that can be installed and implemented, while the rest of the browsers aren’t such heavily given with add-ons and apps.

This is why MF 4.0 is definitely the number one choice of quite a high percentage from all the Internet users.

Download Firefox 4.0