Mozilla Firefox 10


A new version of a powerful web browser

If you ask someone, anyone actually, what their favorite Internet browser is, they will either reply Firefox or Google Chrome. Some will even mention IE. Firefox recently reached its 10th version and seeing as things are progressing, many more version will come in the future. This one doesn’t necessarily bring along new features, but it is instead more interested in offering developers new tools. We took it for a ride like we normally do with novel gadgets, software and so on. Here is what resulted from that test.

Support for HTML5 standard

Firefox 10 is an Extended Support Release. So not only developers will get to play with it, but also businesses. The latter will find this browser, according to Mozilla, a useful tool. Why? Because it delivers a comfortable experience and at the same time it offers security updates for 1 year. Extensions will now have a smoother update process; and they won’t bug people with requests.mozilla-firefox-10

The Firefox versions before this one had Type Inference; this feature made the speed of JavaScript very good. And then there were the superb HTML5 standard support and Mac OS X Lion. Other excellent benefits from these preceding version kept the browser in the list of favorite ones among customers. This version had, in our tests, almost the same JavaScript speed as Chrome’s. Support for HTML5 was acceptable and the interface showed everything in a very good light. Still, Chrome gave a better performance in this area. Firefox 10 wasn’t capable of loading Internet pages from the history before we introduced a search term or typed an address.

Some addons problems

Installing Firefox’s version 10 will go without hair pulling. But that’s what also happened with previous versions reviewed by our team. Once we started the download, the older Firefox we had installed got out of the way to make room for this one. Windows 7, Vista, and XP, Mac and Linux are all compatible with this browser. Bookmarks were easy to import, so Firefox 10 can proudly say it’s on an equal footing with Google’s Chrome. Speaking of which: if you’re not a fan of Google, you can opt for another search provider. A short while ago Mozilla offered Firefox for Bing.

The first launch of Mozilla Firefox 10 meant you could automatically get every single new browser version that got released. That would happen after the current whatever version did the download and you restarted the browser. If the automatic thingie doesn’t work, do this: go to Help > About (when in the main Firefox menu dropdown), run Firefox, opt Select Your Add-ons and deselect all the add-ons you don’t recognize. This way Firefox won’t let third-party app installations install Firefox extensions without first asking you.

Some interface changes

One change that visible from first use was in the interface. And it goes to show that developers wanted to keep things logical. The Forward button won’t appear to the left of an Internet page; not unless you have gone Back. Take that, Chrome! Another change takes away all the unnecessary bloatware and leaves a lot more space for actual pages. We were able to see recent page history. And also pin loved sites to open them whenever we wanted to. Passwords, tabs and so will sync quickly and easily.

The time it takes for Firefox 10 to start up is good, but IE is way faster. This version rises up to expectations when it comes to being compatible with other sites. Security is well represented by various tools.

Review conclusion

The Firefox 10 is still in top 3 of the most loved Internet browsers at the end of our review. It will have to work even harder if it wants to beat Chrome out of its first position.